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Fall 2017 History UN3233 section 001

Call Number 79279
Day & Time
T 6:10pm-8:00pm
311 Fayerweather
Points 4
Approvals Required None
Instructor Janos Kovacs
Course Description In Central and Eastern Europe liberalism was just one of the major streams of thought in the 19th century, and illiberalism is only one of the doctrines yearning for dominance today. What happened between the two cannot be squeezed into a –  Spenglerian – story of the “decline of the East” because liberal ideas had a triumphant comeback in the Western half of the region in the middle of the 20th century and in its Eastern half before and after 1989. Following the rise of liberal economic thought and practice in the region throughout the 19th century, Central and Eastern Europe chose blatantly anti-liberal (totalitarian) roads of development, national socialism and/or communism for many decades. After World War II, countries that found themselves on the Western side of the Iron Curtain managed to leave these roads, and develop a variety of models relying on the doctrine of Soziale Marktwirtschaft. When in 1989, countries on its Eastern side followed suit, they started flirting with more radical sorts of liberalism than most of their Western neighbors, to return to the concept of social market economy, or to slide back to soft varieties of illiberalism recently.
The course will present some of the leading economic ideas and institutions in the context of cultural encounters between the East and the West. A special emphasis will be laid on frictions between the dominant discourses of the two parties. In Central and Eastern Europe both liberalism and socialism had their powerful national(ist) versions, socialism was offset by communism, conservativism fraternized with state collectivism, and the takeover of Western concepts was often simulated rather than real.
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Department History
Enrollment 11 students (15 max) as of 7:07PM Saturday, December 16, 2017
Subject History
Number UN3233
Section 001
Division Interfaculty
Open To Barnard, Columbia College, General Studies, Engineering and Applied Science: Undergraduate
Campus Morningside
Section key 20173HIST3233W001

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