Subject Listing: International Affairs Courses in the Summer 2022 Semester
Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
            L App Activity  Department

S6552  001  10077        3  UNITED NATIONS & HUMAN RI       TR 5:30pm-8:40pm  309 Hamilton Hall    Marshall, David
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6554  001  10078        3  UN & CHAL OF PEACEBUILDIN       MW 5:30pm-8:40pm  407 Hamilton Hall    Rawley, James William
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6559  001  10079        3  UN & MAINT OF INTL PEACE        TR 9:00am-12:10p  614 Schermerhorn Ha  Boutellis, Arthur
            L      SEMINAR  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6569  001  10080        3  THE UN AND DEVELOPMENT          MW 5:30pm-8:40pm  316 Hamilton Hall    Gamble-Payne, Kimberly
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6572  001  10081        3  COMPARATIVE FOREIGN POLIC       TR 9:00am-12:10p  1302 International   Shirkey, Zachary C
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6795  001  10082        3  US FOREIGN POLICY               MW 9:00am-12:10p  1302 International   Cronin, Bruce L
            L      SEMINAR  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6800  001  10083        3  INTL RELATIONS:THRY & CON       MW 2:00pm-5:10pm  509 Hamilton Hall    Samotin, Laura R
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
                            Note: Course will be offered remotely.
S6801  001  10084        3  EAST ASIAN SECURITY             MW 2:00pm-5:10pm  616 Hamilton Hall    Sasaki, Fumiko
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S6820  001  10085        3  INTL POLITICAL ECONOMY          TR 2:00pm-5:10pm  1302 International   Spiro, David E
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S8757  001  12584        3  Ukrainian Foreign Policy        TR 2:00pm-5:10pm  1201 International   Kuchynskyi, Valerii
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  

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