Subject Listing: Philosophy Courses in the Summer 2022 Semester
Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
            L App Activity  Department

PS0101 D01  10817        0  Introduction to Epistemol       MTWRF 10:00am-12  ONLINE ONLY          Peterson, Jared
            L      LECTURE  Pre-College Programs (SHSP)     MTWRF 1:00pm-3:0  ONLINE ONLY          
PS0102 001  10818        0  Philosophy: Time & Tempor       MTWRF 11:10am-1:  311 Fayerweather     Rigas, Alexander C
            L      LECTURE  Pre-College Programs (SHSP)     MTWRF 3:10pm-5:0  311 Fayerweather     
S2201  001  10264        3  HIST OF PHIL: AQUINAS TO        TR 9:00am-12:10p  716 Philosophy Hall  Branscum, Olivia L
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S3350  001  10267        3  EXISTENTIALISM                  MTWR 1:00pm-2:35  716 Philosophy Hall  Garruzzo, Anthony E
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S3411  001  10266        3  INTRO TO SYMBOLIC LOGIC         MTWR 10:45am-12:  627 Seeley W. Mudd   Morse, Devin S
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S3601  001  10268        3  METAPHYSICS                     MW 5:30pm-8:40pm  716 Philosophy Hall  Botti, Martina
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
S3701  001  10265        3  ETHICS                          MTWR 2:45pm-4:20  716 Philosophy Hall  Richmond, Andrew T
            L      LECTURE  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  

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