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Spring 2022 Political Science BC3451 section 001

Call Number 00494
Day & Time
R 10:10am-12:00pm
214 Milbank Hall (Barnard)
Points 4
Grading Mode Standard
Approvals Required Instructor
Instructor Matthew Lacombe
Course Description In recent decades, economic inequality in the United States has soared to levels not seen for nearly a century: Wages for workers have stagnated, while the proportion of wealth concentrated among the most well-off Americans has steadily increased. These trends may have dire consequences for the state of representative democracy in the United States, as they endow a relatively small number of citizens with a disproportionate amount of resources to deploy politically. The result is a political system that often responds to the preferences of the wealthiest Americans, while frequently ignoring the views of most ordinary citizens. This course, in diverse ways, explores the political causes and consequences of rising inequality, especially with regards to who has political power. We will begin by examining the contours of inequality in the U.S. while also exploring the various ways that power manifests itself in politics. We’ll then explore the relationship between wealth and public policy outcomes in the United States, along with the ways that the very wealthiest Americans – both individually and collectively – work to advance their policy views. Beyond just examining national-level politics, we will also discuss inequality and power on the state- and local-levels. We’ll then explore how political and economic inequality are interrelated with race and social class, and how all of this connects to the rise of Donald Trump. Finally, we will assess potential remedies to political and economic inequality.
Web Site Vergil
Department Political Science @Barnard
Enrollment 15 students (16 max) as of 8:02AM Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Subject Political Science
Number BC3451
Section 001
Division Barnard College
Campus Barnard College
Section key 20221POLS3451X001

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