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Spring 2022 Psychology UN1940 section 001
Neuroscience Methods

Call Number 15238
Day & Time
R 4:10pm-6:00pm
200C Schermerhorn Hall [SCH]
Points 1
Grading Mode Standard
Approvals Required None
Instructors Rae Silver - e-mail, homepage
Michele Miozzo - e-mail, homepage
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description Understanding the significance of experimental findings requires knowledge of research designs and an appreciation of the methods used in the study. Reaching a thorough understanding of scientific methods is especially challenging in neuroscience, a field that is highly multidisciplinary and relies increasingly on specialized techniques. The course aims to review the foundations of experimental design and to present some of the primary methods used in neuroscience. In this course, students meet with neuroscientists working on different subfields who provide a firsthand perspective on a variety of methods. The course is organized in two-week modules. The invited neuroscientist participates in the first class of a module, where s/he introduces the scientific questions that s/he addresses, illustrates a few key experiments and provides 2-3 suggested readings. The second class is devoted to examining the experiments presented in the first class. In preparation for the first class, students read a scientific paper to familiarize themselves with the research topic. In preparation for the second class, students review the experiments presented in the previous class. Specifically, each student is asked to define the hypotheses, design, data, and statistics of one experiment according to guidelines provided by the instructors. Each student presents his/her review in the second class. The presentation and discussion of the experiment reviews aim to help students to understand main aspects of the experimental designs as well as the applicability of key methods used in neuroscience. The first class of the course is devoted to reviewing the different experimental designs. In the last class, each student presents one of the methods introduced in the course, highlighting its strength and weaknesses.  
Web Site Vergil
Department Psychology
Enrollment 9 students (12 max) as of 10:38AM Friday, July 1, 2022
Subject Psychology
Number UN1940
Section 001
Division Interfaculty
Campus Morningside
Section key 20221PSYC1940W001

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