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Fall 2020 Urban Studies UN3440 section 001

Call Number 00003
Day & Time
MW 11:40am-2:55pm
To be announced
Points 3
Grading Mode Standard
Approvals Required None
Instructor Mary Rocco
Course Description While some cities thrive and struggle to house the global majority, others struggle with the effects of urban shrinkage—population loss, disinvestment  and abandonment. The path to urban decline is paved by social, economic and spatial forces that result in shrinking cities. This class explores how to understand and engage with urban decline. It includes a consideration of sundry efforts to reverse, live with, and rethink urban decline in a variety of locales. The hope is that this exercise will shed light not only on iconic declining places like Detroit, but also on the nature of uneven development and how it is the rule rather than the anomalous exception within capitalist urbanization. Course materials draw on disciplines such as planning, economics, architecture, history and sociology to help understand urban decline and its outcomes from a variety of perspectives. Over the course of the semester, we will investigate larger processes—globalization, deindustrialization and socioeconomic change—to understand how cities and communities responded to the consequences of these forces.  We will engage with the global literature on shrinking cities but will be focused primarily on exploring the dynamics of shrinkage in US cities. To that end, following a wide-reaching examination of nation-wide phenomena, we will study in-depth a sample of cities to understand local and regional variations and responses. How do we treat cities that do not grow? Given the constrained or complete lack of resources in these places, to what extent should some cities be allowed to “die”? What is the impact on the residents that remain in these places?
Web Site Vergil
Subterm 09/08-10/19 (A)
Department Urban Studies @Barnard
Enrollment 24 students (30 max) as of 8:36PM Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Subject Urban Studies
Number UN3440
Section 001
Division Barnard College
Open To Barnard College, Columbia College, Engineering:Undergraduate, General Studies
Campus Barnard College
Note Must attend first class.
Section key 20203URBS3440V001

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