Subject Listing: Women's Studies Courses in the Summer 2021 Semester
Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
            L App Activity  Department

BC2140 001  00217        3  Critical Approaches             TR 9:00am-1:10pm  To be announced      Shvarts, Aliza
            L      LECTURE  Women's, Gender, Sexuality Stu                                         
BC3138 001  00173        4  AFFECT AND ACTIVISM             MW 9:00am-1:10pm  To be announced      Lehotai, Orsolya
            L      SEMINAR  Women's, Gender, Sexuality Stu                                         
                            Note: Pre-req:WMST BC2140 Critical Approaches Soc and Cult Theory
UN3225 001  12129        3  TRANSGENDER STUDIES             TR 1:00pm-4:10pm  301M Fayerweather    Halberstam, Jack
            L      SEMINAR  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
UN3311 001  12640        4  FEMINIST THEORY                 TR 4:00pm-7:00pm  ONLINE ONLY          Povinelli, Elizabeth
            L INS COLLOQUI  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
BC3512 001  00174        4  ART/WORK: SEX,AESTH,CAPTL       TR 11:00am-3:10p  To be announced      Pittman, Alexander
            L      SEMINAR  Women's, Gender, Sexuality Stu                                         
OC3550 001  11353        3  WOMEN & SOCIETY-SEX-TRADE ECON                                         
            L      LECTURE  Global Programs                                                        
                            Note: Apply to take course email UGE AT COLUMBIA.EDU
BC3999 001  00258      1-4  Independent Study                                                      Jordan-Young, Rebecca
            L     INDEPEND  Women's, Gender, Sexuality Stu                                         
GU4317 001  12289        4  Bodily Disruptions              TR 4:00pm-7:00pm  ONLINE ONLY          Bernstein, Elizabeth
            L      SEMINAR  Summer Session (SUMM)                                                  
                            Note: SUMMER 21 COURSE DESCRIPTION:

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