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Executive Board

Zoe LePage BC'13

Noam Goldberg

Michelle Vogt

Rachel Hainline

Kausik R

Anurag Mathur




Zoe LePage, BC'13, is the President of Columbia Art of Living. She started doing yoga eight years ago and she quickly realized that it was an excellent way to stay in shape, de-stress, and center herself. During her gap year, Zoe completed the 200-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training program and she began teacher yoga for the Art of Living Club in the fall of 2010. When she is not locked in the library, Zoe can be found exploring yoga studios downtown, enjoying a Milano’s 6-topping salad, or strolling down Broadway with a coffee. Thanks to her yoga practice and her new commitment to a mediation practice, Zoe is successfully dealing with the stresses of life as an undergraduate.

Noam Goldberg CE'13 is the Secretary of Columbia Art of Living and is a Mechanical Engineering major from Santa Cruz, California. His interests include robotics, design, music, fitness and the outdoors. Noam has always been interested in yoga, and through the Art of Living club has come to benefit from the positive and calming effects of meditation.

Michelle Vogt is a freshman at Columbia College majoring in sustainable development. She was originally born in Mexico but has spent the last 12 years in Greenwich, Connecticut. She is on the women's club volleyball team at Columbia and loves to run, play tennis, and do yoga.

Rachel Hainline, CC'15, is a co-Vice President of Public Relations for the Art of Living. She plans to study environmental science and is also interested in creative writing and literature. Although she spends much of her time in Butler, she really enjoys weekend trips to Soho and meandering through the different neighborhoods of Manhattan with a bubble tea or hot dog in hand. Though she dabbled with meditation and yoga in high school, she has found both to be wonderful forms of stress relief in Columbia?s high-pressure environment.

Kausik R is the member of Columbia Art of Living. He is pursuing a doctorate in Biological Sciences. Kausik had the opportunity to learn about Art of Living and he did his foundation course in India. He then learnt about the AOL club in NY and completed the wonderful Yes+ course here. Yoga and meditation have helped him a lot to combat stress, keep calm and stay focused. It's definitely a transformative experience and he would love to see as many students benefit from this as possible.

Anurag Mathur was the founder and president (2008 - 2011) of CAL. He earned his Ph.d in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. Art of Living was the first step towards his on going quest to decipher the mechanics of his mind. Other than this he enjoys running, playing squash, swimming and discussing things that are most profound to most profane.


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