Classics Faculty

Marco Fantuzzi

Greek Drama (especially Tragedy and New Comedy); Hellenistic Poetry; Homer; Greek Lyric and Elegiac Poetry; Greek and Latin Metrics; Ancient Literary Criticism and Scholarship

Dana Fields

Visiting Lecturer

Marcus Folch

Greek Prose, Ancient Philosophy, Rhetoric; Theories and Practices of Performance; Genre; Gender; Punishment and Imprisonment

Elizabeth Irwin

Herodotus; Archaic Greek Poetry and History; Greek Tragedy

Susanne Saïd

Greek Tragedy and comedy; Greek Novel; Mythology; Plutarch

Elizabeth Scharffenberger

Greek Drama; Greek and Roman Comic Literature; Classics in Translation and the Classical Tradition; The History of Ideas

Deborah Steiner

Archaic and Classical Greek Literature; Greek Religion and Mythology; Epinician Poetry

Katharina Volk

Latin poetry of the late Republican and early Imperial periods; Archaic and Hellenistic Greek literature; ancient science (especially astronomy and astrology); poetics; the history of ideas

Gareth Williams

Classical Latin Poetry, especially Elegy; Silver Latin Poetry; Senecan Prose

James Zetzel

Latin Literature; Hellenistic Poetry; History of Classical Scholarship


The Center for the Ancient Mediterranean at Columbia University seeks to link together all the faculty, students and numerous departments that have an interest in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and adjoining areas. It is simultaneously a mechanism for coordinating courses, an information source, and a means of organizing conferences and other scholarly encounters.