The aim of the Caribbean Students' Association (CSA) is to enable Caribbean students to generate and foster a sense of unity and understanding among themselves, their fellow students at Columbia University, and the surrounding community. This aim is realized through the sponsoring of educational, cultural, and social events and activities that engage our community members in different aspects of Caribbean cultures. This aim is realized through the “There is Hope Campaign”: an annual service trip to a Caribbean island of the Executive Board’s choosing.


CSA holds weekly meetings on Wednesday nights from 9pm-10:30pm in the Malcom X Lounge in Hartley Hall.

Membership is open to all students enrolled in the University who identify with the culture of the Caribbean, regardless of ethnic background, and are willing to further the aims of the Association.


  • President - Daena Reynolds BC'16
  • Vice President - Michael Bellamy CC'16
  • Secretary - Oten Iban CC'18
  • Treasurer - Carolyn Peters CC'17
  • Events Chairwoman - Farrah Simpson SEAS'17
  • International Outreach - Jamie Hall SEAS'17
  • Domestic Outreach - Alexi Thomas SEAS'18
  • Inter-Campus Liaison - Gabriella Belnavis BC'18
  • Publicity Chair - Adella Pierre BC'18
  • Senior Advisor - Sashani Rose BC'16


During the 2009-2010 academic year, the Caribbean Students Association (CSA) organized the There is Hope Campaign as it allowed the group to integrate its members' interests in education with their passion for mentoring youth and working with the broader Caribbean community. The There is Hope Campaign has evolved over the past four years into an alternative spring break service project whose aim is to combat and account for the residual effects of colonialism by (1) helping children in the Caribbean develop a critical consciousness, enabling them to contribute to the shaping of their world; (2) framing education and success in the context of students’ histories and personal narratives and (3) advocating for curricula within Caribbean education systems that promote more positive self- image in primary school student.

Thus far, CSA has completed sixth successful projects in St. Mary, Jamaica (2010), St. David, Grenada (2011), Mahaut, Dominica (2012), Bridgetown, Barbados (2013), Dennery, St. Lucia (2014) and New Providence, Bahamas (2015). We are currently preparing for our seventh There is Hope Project.

To view more photos from our There is Hope Campaign in the Bahamas, click here.

If you would like to sponsor, support or inquire about the There is Hope Campaign, please contact us.


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