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Practices on Wednesday's 9:00 PM in Hamilton Hall
Alma Mater sends forth her finest to do battle with and utterly humiliate teams from inferior and lesser institutions around the country that dare challenge our supremacy. Actually, we've never really won much of anything. But we're working on that! Whether you've played in High School or in College and want to keep playing, or are new to the quiz bowl scene, new faces are always welcome. Just like Intramurals, but with hardcore geekiness abound- and lots of traveling on the Chinatown buses.

The Intercollegiate squad (i.e. the people who have nothing better to do with their lives on Saturdays then to go to Quiz Bowl tournaments) can be found meeting for practice at 9:00 PM on Wednesdays in Hamilton Hall. Meet up in Hamilton Lobby (or on Hamilton steps when the doors are locked and wait for someone to come out so we can get in.) If you want to come a bit later, you can probably find us up on the third floor somewhere.