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*Once intramurals starts, you can check here for regular updates of Spring '09 standings and statistics. If you want to relive your glory days, Fall '08 can be found here.

Teams of students are pitted against each other in a 30 minute battle of mind and wit. Answer trivia questions which range in subjects and difficulty from general knowledge and pop culture to advanced bio-chem and ancient Persian history.  Buzz in a la Jeopardy to answer toss-ups. (However, answering in the form of a question is punishable by death.) Confer with your team on bonuses and cry, laugh, or groan as appropriate. Why? Because it's better then writing that stupid University Writing paper.

Time and Location
Intramural matches are played on Mondays nights from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM in Hamilton 507 and 511.

Schedule for 4/27/09 below:


ESC vs. Situs Iversus (507)

Bwog vs. Jargonauts (511)


ABC vs. Fighting Maple Leaves (507)


Awesome vs. The Whom (507)

Schmucky Duckies have the night off.

Please keep in mind the following:

-Please show up to your match. There needs to be at least one person present from your team within 5 minutes of the listed start time, otherwise we will count it as a forfeit and your team will also be penalized its bye for the semester.
-If there are other people coming, we can delay the match a couple of minutes at the reader's discretion, but please remember we are working on a tight schedule. In any case, players can join in on the game midway through, which will be reflected on the scoresheet.
-If you are bringing in any new players for your team, please notify the reader so we don't scratch our heads when inputting the stats.
-And, if you go to one of these rooms for your match and are instead welcomed by a singing worship group, that means any of the following, 1) You are in the wrong place, 2) You are at the wrong time, 3) We were kicked out of our room and you should look for the sound of buzzers elsewhere on the floor, or 4) We have a really strange bonus. Find out which of these is the case and act appropriately.