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Sample Questions

These are some typical quiz bowl questions. There's usually a 'pyramid' structure to them. They start out with a bunch of obscure information, and slowly build towards stuff you are more likely to know. The phrase 'FTP' is usually followed by the 'giveaway' clue. And if you never thought Lit Hum would be valuable, check out the 6th question! You're not expected to know everything, and there's a wide variety of questions, as shown below.
- FTP- Quiz Bowl Short-hand for 'For Ten Points', the standard denomination of points.
- Answers- To be correct, all you would need to give is the underlined part.

- He started working for the military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, before writing for Playboy in 1956. He also was a Grammy winning composer who wrote such songs as “Cover of the Rolling Stone” and “A Boy Named Sue”, in addition to earning an Oscar nomination for the song, “I’m Checkin’ Out”, from the movie Postcards from the Edge. FTP, name this children’s author, who wrote The Giving Tree, A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

ANSWER: Shel(by) Silverstein

- A professor of physics from 1877 to 1907, his doctoral thesis was “On the Continuity of the Liquid and Gaseous State” and he laid the foundations for Kamerlingh Onnes and James Dewar. In 1881 he added two parameters representing size and attraction to the ideal gas law. Winner of the 1910 Nobel Prize for Physics, FTP, name this Dutch physicist for whom weak attractive forces between atoms or molecules are named.

ANSWER: Johannes Diederik van der Waals

- He was victorious over Spanish royalist forces at the Battle of Pichincha in 1822. Two years earlier, at age 25, he became the chief of staff to Simón Bolívar. With Bolivar he won the Battle of Junín in 1824, but his greatest victory was at Ayacucho where he defeated a 9,000-man royalist army. This victory assured Peru of independence. Assassinated while returning home from the “Admirable Congress” in Bogotá, FTP, name this man who gave his name to the judicial capital of Bolivia.

ANSWER: Antonio José de Sucre Alcalá

- It returns to its original form after being stabbed by the protagonist. It is created by Basil Hallward, after which the protagonist indulges in a life of vice with Lord Henry Wotton. The titular object portrays a “young Adonis, who looks as if he was made out of ivory and rose-leaves." FTP, name this only novel by Oscar Wilde, in which a portrait absorbs all the corruption and degeneration of the title character, who remains young and handsome.

ANSWER: The Picture of Dorian Gray

- He broke into the NHL at age 18 but only played nine full seasons before retiring due to knee problems. As a rookie, he won the Calder Trophy and was named to All-NHL second team. He won the Hart Trophy three times in a row and won the Norris Trophy a record eight times. He signed the first million-dollar deal in NHL history and helped to revolutionize the defensemen position. FTP, name this Boston Bruin Hall of Famer, the first defensemen ever to lead the NHL in scoring.

Answer: Bobby Orr

- Book twelve includes a discourse on “unformed matter”, while book three mentions Hortensius and four recounts De pulchro et apto, its author’s first book, as well as time in Tagaste and interest in astrology; the author moves to Carthage, Rome and Milan in subsequent books and eventually ends up in Africa after, along with Adeodatus and Alypius, he is baptized.  Source of the famous quote “God, grant me chastity- but not yet!”, it details its author’s journey from hedonism to Manichaenism to Neoplatonism and finally to Christianity.  FTP, name this spiritual autobiography of St. Augustine.

ANSWER: Confessions

When your team answers a toss-up correctly, they get a chance to answer a bonus questions. These are usually multi-part and worth a combined 30 points. As with the toss-ups, you're not expected to get everything. averaging above 10 points per bonus is always good.
- FTPE - Quiz Bowl Shorthand for 'For Ten Points Each'

- Places important in the crucifixion of Jesus, FTPE
[10] This is the Garden where Jesus prayed in the night before the crucifixion

[10] The place where Jesus was crucified, its name translates as “the place of the skull”
ANSWER: Golgotha (Accept Mount Calvary)

[10] Built in 35 BC by Herod, name this fortress where Jesus was supposedly kept prior to the crucifixion. It is named for a consort of Cleopatra.

- Answer the following about the film Casablanca.
[10] Paul Henreid played this Czech resistance leader.
Answer: Victor Laszlo (accept either)

[10] This rival club to Rick’s Café Americain was run by Signor Ferrari.
Answer: The
Blue Parrot

[10] Both Ilsa and Rick tell Sam to play this song.
“As Time Goes By”

- Organic Chemistry, FTPE. Consider the following molecules. [Moderator: read slowly] Benzene, butanone, ethanol, toluene.
[10] Which can be oxidized to acetaldehyde?

[10] Which has the largest molecular weight?

[10] Which has no dipole moment?

-  FTPE, the line: “I am the very model of a modern major general”.
[10] First performed in 1879, is from what operetta?
Pirates of Penzance

[10] What man wrote that line? 
ANSWER: William S. Gilbert

[10] Frederic, the slave of duty, was born on this month and day.
February 29th

 - A certain Shakespearean play, FTPE
[10] One of the early comedies, the play shows Petruchio trying to break his wife’s extremely temperamental attitude.
Taming of the Shrew

[10] By what name is the shrew better known?   
ANSWER: Katerina Minola (accept either)

[10] Katerina is the daughter of the lord of what Italian city?

- Answer the following questions about Indian history FTPE.
[10] This dynasty was established by Babur in 1526.
ANSWER: Mogul (or Mughal) dynasty

[10] This Mogul ruler, the son of Jahangir, built a massive mausoleum complex in honor of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Shah Jahan

[10] This third son of Shah Jahan was a ruthless ruler who had one of his own sons executed.  Under him, the empire reached its greatest extent.

These questions were taken from University of Delaware's Baby Hen 2003 Packet 1. The rest of the packet can be be downloaded by clicking here. More packets are available at the Stanford Packet Archive.