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Happy Holidays!

Updated as of December 27, 2007.


CU Quiz Bowl is planning to host an intercollegiate tournament in early March (tentatively 3/1). We're looking for volunteers to read/moderate and scorekeep. The time commitment will be a full Saturday, plus possibly a few hours the weekend before to familiarize with the format, equipment, etc. Lunch will be provided. If you're interested, please contact Lok-kin (ly2143).


Every Wednesday, 9:00-11:30 p.m. in Hamilton 316.


Registration is closed. Direct any inquiries to CUQBIntramurals@gmail.com.
Intramurals championship from fall semester to be held next semester. Spring
intramurals pending.

Upcoming Tournaments

Jan. 26 - Penn Bowl (Packet Submission)
Feb. 16 - ACF Regionals @ Harvard (Packet Submission)

*Please let Lok-kin (ly2143) know immediately if you are interested in attending any of the tournaments. We will only send teams if there is enough interest.

Website Notes

A few parts of the site have been unlinked (notably the intercollegiate result history pages) due to either design sloppiness (probably my fault over the course of revamping the site this summer) or outdated information. Just assuring the older players that the information has not been lost. The site is still a work in progress. P.S. If you are an actual experienced web designer, let me (gkc2104) know! I could use some help.

What is Quiz Bowl?

The short answer is Quiz Bowl is college's answer to Jeopardy! But it's much more than that. Quiz Bowl (alternately called College Bowl) dates back to the 1950s and 60s when shows were aired on TV and radio (Columbia lost the first ever radio match and the 2nd ever TV match. Typical.) Today, its a bit more low-profile. Armed with a trusty buzzer and supported by the faithful companions who form your team, you listen as the moderator reads off the question from the packet, like Alex Trebek but without the Perry Ellis wardrobe. You race against time to piece together the clues in the question, and then, BUZZ! You ring in and triumphantly announce the correct answer - or find out you were horribly wrong. Either way, you enjoyed the moment, and you remember, there's always the next question. Some teams treat Quiz Bowl like a Mid-west State U treats football. They actually win things. Other teams, like us, just like to have a good time, and occasionally answer a question or two. After all, we at Columbia aren't really accustomed to the whole concept of 'winning'.

How Hard Is It?

A lot of people assume Quiz Bowl is too hard or they don't know nearly enough. Trust us, you don't need to know everything. Heck, it's possible to get by without knowing anything. Check out some Sample Questions, and see for yourself. Don't be intimidated because you can only answer 1 or 2 questions, because that's a lot in itself.

What Do We Do?


We run a semester long Intramural tournament every fall. It's a form-your-own-team format, but clubs and organizations are more than welcome to form teams to represent them in a great trial of wits and intellect. Sign up with us at the beginning of the semester and join in the fun!


We also compete against other schools regularly in tournaments in the New England Area. Popular destinations include basically anywhere accessible via Chinatown bus, which means Boston and Philly. New members are always welcome, no previous experience is required. Join for the camaraderie, the satisfaction, and numerous secret perks which cannot be listed here...


Total Recall About Strange Happenings: A variant on Quiz Bowl featuring all pop culture all the time. Hardcore randomness, ranging from 70's TV shows, 80's bands you've never heard of, Sci-Fi novels not written by Asimov or Orson Scott Card, and of course lots of sports.