Weekly Meetings

We meet weekly on Tuesday nights.

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Every Tuesday night, CFIG hosts finance professionals from a wide range of firms to discuss their individual experiences. In the past, CFIG has hosted leaders from companies like Blackstone, Apollo, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Our speakers vary from Analysts to Managing Directors to even Founders and CEOs of some of the world’s leading financial institutions. In addition, during these Tuesday night meetings, our members present market recaps, which help inform the audience of current news on Wall Street.

Investment Banks

Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
JP Morgan
Bank of America
Credit Suisse
BNY Mellon

Investment Firms

Silver Lake
Trian Partners
Bowery Capital
Bandera Partners

Investment Professionals and Economists

Bruce Greenwald
Tom Hardin
Andrew Left

Investment Technology Firms

Upgrade Capital
Robotti & Co. Advisors
Rebellion Research
Columbia Blockchain Lab

Special Panels

We host special events and investment conferences.

We believe conferences can broaden our understanding of financial issues through exposure to the personal experiences and perspectives of leading individuals in the industry. CFIG runs two panels each year: one investment focused conference and one broader thematic conference. Our April 2018 investment conference, titled Finding Value Late in the Cycle, presented a panel on investing across the capital structure. Panelists shared their entrepreneurial paths in finance, their investments, and more broadly, their perspectives on the current state of the economy. Our thematic conference this year focused on women in finance, featuring some of today’s most powerful women on Wall Street who placed an emphasis on leadership.

Joseph Stiglitz
Mark Gallogly
Kathryn Harrigan
Fiona Bassett
Jonathan Lavine
Daniel Loeb
David Blitzer
Joyce Chang
Rebecca John
Glenn Hubbard
Terri Fortuna
Tracey Warson
Howard Marks
Daniel Krueger
Dean Dakolias
Jeff Aronson
Julian Salisbury