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Chemistry Colloquium - Mercouri Kanatzidis

Professor Ruben Gonzalez named "Scientist to Watch"

Congratulations to Professor Ruben Gonzalez, who has been named a "Scientist to Watch" by the editors of The Scientist a leading and very widely-subscribed-to life science research magazine that aggregates and summarizes recent research findings in the life sciences. The September issue includes an article describing Professor Gonzalez' career and published work. You can also learn about his research interests on the Gonzalez group website. In addition to directing his research program, Professor Gonzalez is Director of Graduate Studies for the Columbia chemistry department.

Ken Eisenthal Receives ACS Award in Surface and Colloid Chemistry

Congratulations to Kenneth Eisenthal, Mark Hyman Professor of Chemistry, on receiving the 2014 ACS Award in Surface and Colloid Chemistry. The award is given to one chemist each year who has made outstanding scientific contributions to the field, with particular recognition of originality, independence of thought, and technological impact. Professor Eisenthal was honored with a symposium in Dallas on March 17 and 18 (see photo), at which several of his former students and other chemists in the field gave presentations.

Nature Chemistry focuses on the work of Luis Campos and Colin Nuckolls with Latha Venkataraman/p>

An editorial in this month’s Nature Chemistry recognized three research groups in the Chemistry Department for advancing the field of molecular electronics. The editorial highlights three papers that appear in the journal’s March 2015 Focus, including one from the research groups of Latha Venkataraman and Luis Campos, and another from the groups of Venkataraman and Colin Nuckolls.
You can read the editorial online here. You can read the Campos group’s article from Dell et al. here. You can read the Nuckolls’s group article from Su et al. here.

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