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Chemistry Professor Virginia Cornish and Collaborators Receive $1M Keck Award

Three Columbia professors, including Helena Rubenstein Professor of Chemistry, Virginia Cornish, have been awarded a prestigious $1M grant from the W. M. Keck foundation for their research in combining biological structures with solid state electronics.   Professor Cornish is collaborating with project leader Ken Shepard (Professor of Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering) and Lars Dietrich (Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences).   The team is looking at bringing together the unique capabilities of biological systems, for example the senses of taste and smell, with those of CMOS electronic devices, such as massive integrability and robustness.   The goal is to create hybrid devices with properties  that neither technology can achieve on its own.   It is anticipated that the work will lead to the development of new classes of electrophysiological interfaces and probes in living organisms.

You can read more about this exciting new project in the online Columbia Engineering Bulletin, where you will also find links to the research websites of Professors Cornish, Shepard, and Dietrich.