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Welcome, Prof. Xiaoyang Zhu!

Welcome to our new faculty member, Professor Xiaoyang Zhu!

Prof. Zhu comes to us from the University of Texas-Austin, where he achieved the designation of Louis Nicolas Vauquelin Regents Professor of Chemistry.  He received a BS degree from Fudan University in 1984 and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. After postdoctoral research with J. Mike White at UT-Austin and Gerhard Ertl at the Fritz-Haber-Institute, he joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University as an Assistant Professor in 1993. In 1997, he moved to the University of Minnesota as an Associate Professor, later a Full Professor and Merck endowed Professor. In 2009, Zhu returned to Austin and joined the Chemistry faculty.  His honors include a Dreyfus New Faculty Award, a Cottrell Scholar Award, a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award, and Fellow of the American Physical Society. Among his professional activities, he serves on the editorial/advisory boards of Progress in Surface Science and Accounts of Chemical Research, and also as Chief Technology Officer at MicroSurfaces, Inc.

A main research thrust in the Zhu lab is to establish new photophysical mechanisms that may be utilized to revolutionize solar energy conversion.   They are also interested in the general challenge of understanding many-body interactions in condensed matter, such as electron-nuclear interaction leading to polaron formation in organic semiconductors and electron-electron interaction responsible for new physical properties in molecular or nanomaterials.

Prof. Zhu is joined by five Graduate Students from the University of Texas at Austin:  Timothy Atallah (2nd Year), Kris Williams (2nd Year), Nick Monahan (3rd Year), Cory Nelson (4th Year) and Xiaoxi Wu (4th Year). 

Prof. Zhu’s group also includes four Postdoctoral Research Scientists. Dr. Minh Tuan Trinh and Dr. Heungman Park, who also arrived earlier this month, Dr. Manuel Marks who will arrive on Monday, January 14th, and Dr. Felix Leyssner who will be joining the group on March 1, 2013.  Prof. Zhu is also joined by Dr. Lei Shen, Associate Research Scientist, a former Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Prof. Zhu’s group at the University of Texas at Austin.

Prof. Zhu’s office is located in 1312 Northwest Corner and his temporary lab is located in 544 Havemeyer. He can be reached at 1-7768, email: xyzhu@columbia.edu.