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Wei Min

MC 3116



Min Research Group
Selected Publications

Research Summary

Biophotonics is one of the fastest growing fields at the interface of physical science and life science. The newly emerging optical microscopy tools promise to make major contributions in unraveling biological processes that are localized in space, dynamic in time, and complex in nature. The Min group is dedicated to develop novel and powerful optical bio-imaging techniques and to apply them to visualize and understand dynamic behaviors of bio-molecules in live cells and organisms.

The current research is focused on the following two major directions:

(1) detect and study single-molecule dynamics in individual living cells by developing next-generation super-sensitive fluorescence microscopy; and

(2) label-free imaging of non-fluorescent small molecules, such as neurotransmitters and metabolites, by applying the recently developed nonlinear coherent Raman microscopy. When combined with molecular biology and genetics, this research would find exciting applications in neuroscience and metabolism biology.

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W. Min, X. S. Xie and B. Bagchi. “Role of conformational dynamics in kinetics of an enzymatic cycle in a non-equilibrium steady state”, J. Chem. Phys., 131, 065104, (2009)

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