Virginia Cornish
Helena Rubinstein Professor
Department of Chemistry

work : +1 212-854-5209

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Office Hours

Professor Cornish will be holding office hours for Biochemistry major and class advising at the following times:

Tues 9/6/2011 12 - 1 PM
Thur 9/8/2011 12 - 2 PM

Prof. Cornish does not have regular office hours during the Spring semester.  Also, please note that Prof. Cornish is no longer the Biochemistry Major adviser.  The new adviser is Prof. Brent Stockwell ( 

Classes - Fall 2011

G4312 chemical biology

Development and application of chemical methods for understanding the molecular mechanisms of cellular processes. Review of the biosynthesis, chemical synthesis, and structure and function of proteins and nucleic acids. Application of chemical methods--including structural biology, enzymology, chemical genetics, and the synthesis of modified biological molecules--to the study of cellular processes--including transcription, translation, and signal transduction.
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Letters of Recommendation

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