Gaby Avila-Bront
My name is Gaby Avila-Bront and I'm a Junior in Columbia College majoring in Chemistry. Right now I am working on two projects. I am scanning Bromoheptadecanoic Acid on graphite to study its self-assembly, and I am scanning a self-assembled monolayer of an alkane thiol with Biotin on gold. Both of these projects use the Ambient Scanning Tunneling Microscope.
Gaby Avila-Bront
Dr. Boaz Ilan
Dr Boaz Ilan, Postdoctoral Researcher - Received Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2001. "Computational modeling of molecular self assemblies on graphite surfaces. We interpret and predict the 2D phase ordering and pattern morphologies of nanostructure assemblies."
Dr. Penelope Lewis
1. Investigating the topography and conductivity of defects in GaN heterostructures using conductive AFM.
2. Designing, producing and characterizing functional self-assembled monolayers for the adsorption of proteins.
3. Elucidating the conductivity of Au-Au double salt compounds.
Penelope Lewis
Dr. Li Lui
1. 1999-2005: Graduate Student. Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University. In Professor Peter C. Stair group, I used the ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) surface science techniques to study the methyl radical chemistry on single crystal hematite (0001) surfaces. 2. 2005-now: Postdoctoral Research scientist. Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. In Professor George W. Flynn group, I am using scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to study the surface reactions occurring at the interfaces.
Li Lui
Dr. Elena Polyakova
I got my MS in Physics and Engineering in 1999 at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Ph.D at USC, Department of Chemisty, 2005, under supervision of Prof. Curt Wittig. I study transport phenomena in mesoscopic conductive films, self-assembled monolayers, and nanostructures on insulating substrates in ambient conditions. In particular, I am interested in experimental STM studies of monocrystalline ultrathin graphite films including single graphite sheets (graphene) at the atomic scale.
Elena Polyakova
Dr. Kwang Taeg Rim
Investigate the following projects with surface sensitive techniques such as Variable Temperature STM (Microscopy and Spectroscopy), LEED, and AES:
1. Physical and chemical properties of metal oxide surfaces
2. Self-assembly, physical and chemical properties of organic molecules on graphite and metal surfaces
3. Coadsorption of different self-assembling molecules on graphite
4. Formation of etch pits on graphite and chemistry on defects
Kwang Taeg Rim

Dr. Chaochin Su
Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and spectroscopy (STS) studies of functionalized organic molecules self-assembled on metal and semiconductor surfaces under the ambient and ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions: from packing, interaction to chemical, physical, and electronic properties.
Chaochin Su

Dr. Donna Cyr currently at the University of Connecticut
Dr. Hongbin Fang currently at Applied Materials
Dr. Jeffrey Fitts currently at Brookhaven National Lab
Dr. Gina Florio currently at St. John's University
Dr. Leanna Giancarlo currently at Mary Washington University
Dr. Mark Kleinman currently at GlaxoSmithKline
Dr. Marcus Lay currently at University of Georgia
Dr. Chris Michaels currently at NIST
Dr. Thomas Mueller currently at Veeco
Dr. Amy Mullin currently at Boston University
Dr. Chi-Kung Kenny Ni currently at Academica Sinica, Taiwan
Dr. Ryan Pearman currently at Intel
Seth Rubin currently at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Dr. Natalie Seiser currently at NYU Medical School
Dr. Eric Sevy currently at Brigham Young University
Dr. Charles Tapalian currently at Draper National Labs
Dr. Andrew Teplyakov currently at the University of Delaware
Dr. Tova Adlerstein Werblowsky currently at Turo College in NYC
Dr. Dalia Yablon currently at ExxonMobil

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