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Former Members

Stephen Ho (MD-Ph.D. 2013) M.D. at Columbia University
Jürgen Rotzler (Post-Doc 2013) Solvias, Switzerland
Alexander Buitrago Santanilla (Ph.D. 2013) Post-Doc at Merck with Spencer Dreher
Won Seok Ham (2013 B.A.) Ph.D. at Harvard University with Tobia Ritter
Cyril Bucher (2013 B.A.) Ph.D. at Stanford University with Noah Burns
Steven Schwartz (2013 M.A.)  
Carrie Yozwiak (2012 M.A.) Ph.D. at Columbia University with Brent Stockwell
Sam Reznik (2012 Ph.D.)
BMS (Medicinal Chemistry), Hopewell, NJ
Sharon Lee (2012 Ph.D.)
Post-Doc at UCSF with Kevan Shokat
Wes Chalifoux (2012 Post-Doc)
Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
Heike Schönherr (2012 Post-Doc)

Post-Doc at Columbia in Ophthalmology
AstraZeneca (Medicinal Chemistry), Boston, MA

Brian Marcus (2011, B.A.) M.D. at Yale School of Medicine
Greg Chin (2011, M.A.) Gilead (Medicinal Chemistry), CA
Ryan Shade (2011 Post-Doc)

Post-Doc at Columbia with Luis Campos
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, CA

Chris Plummer (2011 Ph.D.)
Merck (Medicinal Chemistry), Rahway, NJ
Hyunwoo Kim (2010 Post-Doc)
Assistant Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Miriam Inbar Feske (2010 Ph.D.)
Halcyon Molecular
Latham & Watkins (Technical Analyst), CA
Corey Valdez (2010 Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor, NYU
Jenny Baxter Vu (2010 Ph.D.)
Post-Doc at Florida State with Robert Holton
Faculty, Valdosta State University, GA
Kristy Tran (2009 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Cal Tech with Brian Stoltz
BMS, Princeton, NJ
Uttam K. Tambar (2009 Post-Doc) Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Tyler Harrison (2009 Post-Doc) Novartis (Medicinal Chemistry), Boston, MA
Jun Pan (2009 Post-Doc) Merck (Process Research), Rahway, NJ
Farhan R. BouHamdan (2008 Post-Doc) Assistant Professor, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Syngenta Crop Protection, Muenchwilen AG, Stein, Switzerland
Arash Soheili (2008 Ph.D.) Merck (Process Research), Rahway, NJ
MarketSmart (Digital Media Speacialist), Washington, D.C.
Greg Notte (2008 Post-Doc) Gilead (Medicinal Chemistry), CA
Jared Spletstoser (2008 Post-Doc) GlaxoSmithKline (Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry), PA
Peter Park (2008 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Columbia University with Samuel J. Danishefsky
Nicholas Perl (2007 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with David Gin
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA
John Huber (2007 Ph.D.) Boehringer Ingelheim (Medicinal Chemistry), Ridgefield, CT
BMS (Regulatory Manager), NJ
Nadine Vogl (2007 Post-Doc) Degussa (Senior Scientist), Germany
Pamela Lombardi (2006 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Boston College with Amir Hoveyda
Assistant Professor, Stonehill College, MA
Phillippe Rabbat (2006 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Siba Specialty Chemicals, Tarrytown, NY
BASF (Marketing Manager), NJ
Blaine M. Hackman (2006 Ph.D.) Georgetown University, (Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Commercialization)
Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP
Yue Xu (2005 M.A.)

Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Dirk Trauner

Xiaolun Wang (2005 Ph.D.) Pfizer
Takeda, San Diego, CA
Sergei Bolshakov (2005 Ph.D.) Henkel (Head of R&D), Russia
Oriflame, Russia
Seiji Shirakawa (2005 Post-Doc) Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan
Bastien Castagner (2004 Ph.D., 2005 Post-Doc) Post-Doc at ETH, Zurich with Peter Seeberger
Group Leader at ETH, Zurich
Drew Duncan (2004 Post-Doc) Associate Professor at Willamette University
Steve O'Malley (2004 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at UC Berkeley with Jonathan Ellman
High School Teacher, Stuyvesant High School, NY
Chris Hamblett (2004 Ph.D.) Merck (Medicinal Chemistry), Boston, MA
Cowen & Company, MA
Richard Berger (2004 Ph.D.) Merck (Medicinal Chemistry), Rahway, NJ
Noah Burns (2004 B.S.) Ph.D. at Scripps Research Institute with Phil Baran
Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Patrick Holder (2003 B.S.) Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Matthew Francis
Post-Doc at MIT and Harvard University with Daniel Nocera
Redwood Bioscience, CA
Andrew Nation (2003 M.A.) BMS (Drug Discovery), Lawrenceville, NJ
Quinglin Meng (2003 M.A.) Ph.D. at Columbia University with Nicholas Turro
AAT Bioquest, Inc., CA
Katsumi Kubota (2003 Post-Doc) Dainippon Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Medicinal Chemistry), Osaka, Japan
Darby Schmidt (2003 Post-Doc) Merck (Medicinal Chemistry), Rahway, NJ
Visiting Lecturer, Princeton University
Tempero Pharmaceuticals
FORMA Therapeutics, MA
Christine DiBlasi (2003 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with Derek Tan
Lecturere, Brandeis University
Isaac Krauss (2003 Ph.D.) Post-Doc at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with Samuel J. Danishefsky
Assistant Professor, Brandeis University
Pui Yee Ng (2003 Ph.D.) Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA
Andrew Goodwin (2002 B.A.) Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Jean Frechet
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
Michael Zacuto (2003 Ph.D.) Merck (Process R&D), Rahway, NJ
James Kinnaird (2002 Post-Doc) Potter Clarkson LLP
Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP
Keith Hornberger (2002 Ph. D.) OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Medicinal Chemistry), Farmingdale, NY
Boehringer Ingelheim
Charles Wang (2001 Post-Doc) Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
Stella Sarraf (2001 Ph.D.) Merck (Process R&D), Rahway, NJ
Scientific Consulting Inc, Beverly Hills, CA
Foresite Capital, CA
Amydis Diagnostics (Founder), CA
Matt Bio (2001 Ph.D.) Amgen, CA
Spencer Dreher (2001 Post-Doc) Merck (Process R&D), Rahway, NJ
John Allen (1998 Post-Doc) Amgen (Medicinal Chemistry), Thousand Oaks, CA
Deirdre (O'Neil) Annis (1996 M.A) Eli Lilly (Elanco Animal Health), Greenfield IN

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