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Year Author Title
2013 Stephen Ho Studies in Polyketide Total Synthesis [PDF]
2013 Alexander Buitrago Santanilla New Approaches towards the Asymmetric Allylation of the Formyl and Imino Groups via Strained Silane Lewis Acids [PDF]
2012 Sam Reznik Methodological Innovations in Polyketide Synthesis and their Application toward the Scalable Synthesis of Anti-Tumor Agent Spongistatin 1 [PDF]
2012 Sharon Lee Enantioselective (Formal) Aza-Diels-Alder Reactions with Danishefsky's Diene and Non-Danishefsky Type Dienes [PDF]
2011 Chris Plummer Strategic Applications of Tandem Reactions in Complex Natural Product Synthesis: Rapid Access to the (Iso)Cyclocitrinol Core [PDF]
Miriam Inbar Feske
Enantioselective Allylation, Crotylation, and Cinnamylation of Imines
and Designing a Process-Friendly Synthesis of α-Kainic Acid
Corey Valdez
New Developments in the Chemistry of Strained Silicon Lewis Acids:
Imine Allylations and Tandem Ylide Addition/Ring-Opening Reactions
Jenny Baxter
Enantioselective Mannich-type Reactions Promoted by Strained Silane Lewis Acids
2009 Kristy Tran Synthetic Applications of Silicon Lewis Acids: Total Synthesis of MS-153 and Manzacidin C [PDF]
2008 Arash Soheili A transannular Cope approach toward the core structure of isocyclocitrinol [PDF]
2008 Peter K. Park Total Synthesis of dolabelide D [PDF]
2007 John D. Huber Enantioselective imine cinnamylation: Rapid construction of contiguous benzylic and carbinamine stereocenters. [PDF]
2007 Nicholas R. Perl Strained silanes as Lewis acids for the construction of carbon-carbon bonds. [PDF]
2006 Pamela Lombardi Strained silacycles in the development of new asymmetric reactionstylsilylation [PDF]
2006 Philippe Rabbat Asymmetric allylation of imines with strained silacycle reagents and ; Toward the rapid synthesis of the C1-C9 fragment of the epothilones by tandem silylformylation-crotylsilylation [PDF]
2005 Sergey Bolshakov Total synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448 [PDF]
2005 Xiaolun Wang Strained silacycles in organic synthesis : the tandem aldol-allylation/aldol-aldol reaction and their asymmetric variations [PDF]
2004 Richard Berger The enantioselective allylation of aldehyde and ketone derived acylhydrazones using strained silacycles : a study of reactivity and mechanism [PDF]
2004 Bastein Castagner Studies toward an asymmetric total synthesis of the Phomoidrides [PDF]
2004 Christopher Hamblett A total synthesis of leucascandrolide A ; Efforts toward a synthesis of phomactin A ; The first silicon-based Lewis acid catalyst that achieves high enantioselectivity [PDF]
2004 Steven O'Malley Tandem alkyne silylformylation-allylsilylation reactions and studies toward a total synthesis of Dolabelide B [PDF]
2003 Pui Yee Ng Studies toward the use of non-conventional hydrogen bonding in chiral Lewis acid catalyst design ; Strained silacycles in organic synthesis : novel reagents for the asymetric allylation reaction [PDF]
2003 Christine DiBlasi Studies toward a total synthesis of phomactin A : a tandem ring-closing metathesis approach/ [PDF]
2003 Issac Krauss Highly regioselective diastereoselective directed hydroformylation of allyl ethers ; Highly practical and enantioselective ligands for Cu-catalyzed conjugate addition [PDF]
2003 Michael Zacuto Tandem silylformylation-allylsilylation reactions for the synthesis of polyketides [PDF]
2002 Keith Hornberger The total synthesis of leucascandrolide A ; Studies directed toward the total synthesis of ingenol [PDF]
2001 Stella Sarraf Carbonylation-based methods for the synthesis of skipped polyols [PDF]
2001 Matthew Bio Studies toward a total synthesis of CP-263,114 [PDF]

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