Koji Nakanishi Publication List (since 2005)

    last updated on Mar 28, 2006


Complete list of publications

Preparation of Ginkgolide and F-seco-ginkgolide Lactols: the unique Reactivity of a-Hydroxy
Lactones toward Na BH4. K. Tanaka, K. D. Kester, N. Berova and K. Nakanishi, Tetrahedron Lett., 46, 531-534 (2005).

Ginkgo biloba. K. Stromgaard and K. Nakanishi. Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. Marcel Dekker, 249-257 (2005)

Synthesis and Circular Dichroism of Tetraarylporphyrin-Oligonucleotide Conjugates. M. Balaz, A.E. Holmes, M. Benedetti, P.C.Rodriguez, N. Berova, K. Nakanishi, G. Proni, J. Am. Chem.. Soc., 127, 4172-4173 (2005).

Fluorescence Detected Exciton Coupled Circular Dichroism: Dev elopment of New Fluorescent Reporter Groups for Structural Studies. K. Tanaka, G. Pescitelli, K. Nakanishi, N. Berova, Monatshefte f. Chemie, Chemical Monthly, 136, 367-395 (2005).

Chiral Recognition of Cyclic a-Hydroxyketones by CD-Sensitive Zinc Tetraphenylporphyrin Tweezer. H. Ishii, Y. Chen, R.A. Miller, S. Karady, K. Nakanishi, H. Berova, Chirality, 17, 305-315 (2005).

Comparative study of energy-transfer processes in several porphyrin-based artificial light-harvesting molecules. R. Hausschild, G. Riedel, J. Zeller, T.S. Balaban, V.I. Prokhorenko, H. Kalt, N. Berova, X. Huang, R. Pesticelli, K. Nakanishi, J. Luminescence, 112, 454-457 (2005).

Effect of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Oviposition Behavior in Manduca sexta Moths. L. Abrell, P. G. Guerenstein, W.L. Mechaber, G. Stange, T.A. Christensen, K. Nakanshi and J.G. Hildebrand, Global Change Biology, 11, 1-11 (2005).

Isolation and characterization of a retinal pigment epithelial cell fluorophores: An all-trans-retinal dimer conjugate. N.E. Fishkin, J.R. Sparrow, R. Allikmets, K. Nakanishi, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 102, 7091-7096 (2005).

Anthocyanins protect against A2E Photooxidation and Membrane Permeabilization in Retinal Pigment Epithelian Cells. Y. P. Jang , J. Zhou, K. Nakanishi, J.R. Sparrow, Photochem. Photobiology, 81, 529-536 (2005).

A Cationic Zinc Porphyrin as a Chiroptical Probe for Z-DNA, M. Balaz, M. De Napoli, A. E. Holmes, A. Mammana, K. Nakanishi, N. Berova, R. Purrello, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 41, 4006-4009 (2005).

Three Chalenges toward the Asssignment of Absolute Configuration of Gymnocin-B. K. Tanaka, Y. Itagaki, M. Satake, H. Naoki, T. Yasumoto, K. Nakanish, N. Berova, J. Am. Chem.. Soc.127, 9561-9570 (2005)

Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Flexibele Molecules by Ab initio ORD Calculations: A Case Study with Cytoxazones and Isocytoxazones. G. Edigio, R. Marin, K. Tanaka, Z. Hamersak, K. Nakanishi, C. Rosini, N. Berova, J. Org. Chem., 6557-6563 (2005)

Terpene trilactones from Ginkgo biloba: From ancient times to the 21st century. K. Nakanishi, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chem., 13, 4987-5000 (2005)

Lactone-free ginkgolides via regioselective DIBAL-H reduction. H. Ishii, S. V. Dzyuba, K. Nakanishi, Org. Biomol. Chem. 3, 3471-3472 (2005)

Design and synthesis of artirficial phospholipids for selective cleavage of integral membrane protein. T. Furuta, M. Sakai, H. Hayashi, T. Asakawa, F. Kataoka, S. Fujii, T. Suzuki, Y. Suzuki, K. Tanaka, N. Fishkin, K. Nakanishi, Chem. Commun. 4575-4577 (2005)

In vivo biodistribution of ginkgolides B, a constituent of Ginkgo biloba, visualized by microPet. M. Suehiro, N.R. Simpson, M.D. Underwood, J. Castrukkibm, K. Nakanishi, R. van Heertum, Planta Medica, 71, 622-627 (2005).

Regioselective thionocarbonation of ginkgolides: facile preparation of ginkgolides J. S. Dzyuba, S. Bolshakov, K. Nakanishi, Tetrahedron Lett., 46, 7797-7799 (2005).

Unique Reactivity of a-Alkoxy Ginkgolide Lactones to Nucleophilic Reagents: Preparation of New Lactol Derivatives. K. Tanaka, M. Pimentel, N. Berova, K. Nakanishi, Bull. Chem. Soc.Japan,78, 1843-1850 (2005).

Retinoylserine and Retinoylalanine, Natural Products of the Moth Trichoplusia ni. B. Rogge, Y. Itagaki, N. Fishkin, E. Levi, R. Ruehl, S. San, K. Nakanishi, U. Hammerling, J. Nat. Prod., 68, 1536-1540 (2005).

Superoxidation of Bisretinpoids. I. Washington, S. Jockosch, Y. Itagaki, N.J. Turro, K. Nakanishi, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 44, 7097-7100 (2005).

Circular Dichroism of Heterochromophoric and Partiaqlly Regenerated Purple Membrane: Search for Exciton Coupling. E. Kaarnaukhova, C. Vasileiou, A. Wang. N. Berova, K. Nakanishi, B. Borhan, Chirality, 18, 72-83 (2006).

Studies in microbial and insect natural products chemistry. K. Nakanishi, 60, 2-20 (2006)

Synthesis of 11-cis-locked-biotinylated retinoids for sequestering 11-cis-retinoid binding proteins. H. Matsuda, S. Zhang, A.E. Holmes, S. Krane, N. Nesnas, K. Nakanishi, Can. J. Chem.in press

Expanding structural diversity of terpene trilactones from Ginkgo biloba extract: studies towards core-modified ginkgolides,” S. V. Dzyuba, S. Bolshakov, J. Li, K. Nakanishi, Heterocycles, 2005, in press.

A concise synthesis of ginkgolide M, a minor component of terpene trilactone fraction from Ginkgo biloba roots,” S. Bolshakov, S. V. Dzyuba, J. Decatur, K. Nakanishi, J. Nat. Prod., 2005, in press

Effect of ginkgolides on b-amyloid induced impairment of long-term potentiation and cell death.” O. Vitolo, B. Gong, Z. Cao, H. Ishii, S. Jaracz, K. Nakanishi, O. Arancio, S. V. Dzyuba, M. Shelanski, Neurobiol. Aging, 2005, submitted.

Solid-State 2H NMR Structure of Retinal in Metarhodopsin I. G.F.J. Salgado, A.V.Struts, K.Tanaka, S.Krane, K. Nakanishi, M.F.Brown, J. Am. Chem. Soc., submitted.