Columbia Chemistry’s long tradition of excellence is being carried forward by our current roster of students and faculty, as evidenced by the abundance of awards, medals, and grants received.   A list of these honors since 2008 follows. The image at the left is the Kavli Nanoscience Prize Medal, rprinted from the Kavli website.




Undergraduate Awards

Graduate Awards

Faculty Awards


Undergraduate Awards
Columbia College chemistry majors are a well-decorated group, with academic honors well beyond what is typical for Columbia College students.  The Columbia College Valedictorian of the Class of ’12 was Zach Brill, a chemistry major.  He continues a remarkable pattern in that every year for five years either the Valedictorian or the Salutatorian has been a chemistry major:  the Valedictorian  of the Class of '11 was Margot Lazow, a Biochemistry major,  the Columbia College Valedictorian of the Class of '10, Arianne Richard, was a Biochemistry major, and the Salutatorians of both the Class of ’08, Julia Kalow, and the Class of ’09, Mollie Schwartz, were from our Department: Schwartz a Chemical Physics major, Kalow a Chemistry major.  Kalow also won the Brownstein Writing Prize, given by the School of the Arts Writing Division.


In the past five years, ten of our majors, have been awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, six have won Goldwater Scholarships, and one was a Rhodes scholarship finalist.  Two of our majors in the Class of '10 were among the nine undergraduates nationally who won McKnight Prizes in Undergraduate Sciences.  One won first-place in the Chemistry category, and one won second place in the Biophysics category.  One of our undergraduate majors in the Class of '09 won first place in the Chemistry category in the national DOE Science and Engineering Challenge.  One of our current majors won a Perkin Scholarship from the Society of Chemical Industry and an American Chemical Society Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.


A list of our recent undergraduate awards follows:


2012 Brian Bent Award (William Kender)
2012 Chandler Society Award (Julia Oktawiec)
2012 CU College Valedictorian (Zachary Brill)
2012 Goldwater Scholarship (Katharina Shaw)
2012 Howard Hughes International Student Research Fellowship (Emma Dell)
2012 Richard Bersohn Prize (Sheldon Kwok)
2012 Thomas J. Katz Prize (Zachary Brill)
2012 UNCF/Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship (Carmen Del Valle)
2011 CU Students Elected to Phi Beta Kappa (Zachary Brill, Sheldon Kwok, Tara Pesce, Anthony Testa)
2011 ABRCMS Outstanding Poster Award (Brian Lewis)
2011 Thomas J. Katz Prize (Jason Pfleuger)
2011 Bersohn Prize (Markrete Krikorian)
2011 NSF Fellowships for Graduate Research (Markrete Krikorian, Mollie Schwartz)
2011 Goldwater Scholarship (Zachary Brill, Rebecca Chan)
2010 ACS Summer Research Fellowship (Jason Pfleuger)
2009 McKnight Competition Award (Anish Shah, Noam Prywes)
2008 DOE Science and Energy Poster Challenge Award (Pawan Rastogi)
2008 McKnight Competition Award (Rathi Srinivas)


Graduate Student Awards
2012 A* Star National Science Scholarship [Singapore] (Yao Zong Ng)
2012 Alfred Bader Fellowship (Daniel Paley)
2012 Arun Guthikonda Memorial Fellowship in Organic Chemistry (John Hartung)
2012 Biophysics Training Grant (Jason Hon, Colleen Murrett, Caitlin Quinn, Rachel Wachter)
2012 Blancher & David Kasindorf Fellowship (Lu Wei)
2012 Columbia-Upjohn Fellowship (Qinda Ye)
2012 DOE Fellowship (Timothy Berkelbach, Deven Estes, Colin Kinz-Thompson, Edward Miller, Brenda Rubenstein)
2012 Edith & Eugene Blout Fellowship (Stephen Ho)
2012 Ferguson Fellowship (Andrew Kreugel)
2012 Fourman Fellowship (Shane Deighton)
2012 Government of Saudia Arabia (Ahmed Al-Harbi)
2012 Guthikonda, Walling, Nakanishi, and Breslow Fellowship in Organic Chemistry (Eric Nacsa)
2012 Guthikonda, Katz, Turro, Danishefsky Fellowship (Nathaniel Kim)
2012 Hammett Award (Aaron Sattler, Wesley Sattler)
2012 Hertz Fellowship (Richard Darst)
2012 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship (Emma Dell)
2012 IGERT Training Grant (Benjamin Dach, Marie Harton, Miguel Jimenez, Ekeoma Nwadibia, Travis Valadez, Tracy Wang)
2012 Jack Miller Awards (Alexandria Brucks, Ava Kreider-Mueller, Lindsay Leone, Gang Li, Paolomi Merchant, Ekeoma Nwadibia, Linda Suen)
2012 Kwanjeong Educational Foundation (Jaeeun Yu)
2012 LEEFS Fellowship (Christine Vanos)
2012 Nanoelectronics Research Initiative  (Giselle Elbaz)  
2012 NDSEG Fellowship: (Jeffrey Bandar, Daniel Griffith, Helen Tran)
2012 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Nicholas Anderson, Alexandra Brucks, Nathan Daly, James Eagan, Adel ElSohly, Dahlia Goldfeld, Dat Hoang, Bridget Huang, Glen Hocky, Lindsay Leone, Michelle Neary, Audrey Ross, Christine Schenck, Zara Seibel, Trevor Sherwood, Carl Smith, Linda Suen, Stephen Thomas, Helen Tran, Nathan Wright, Jieling Zhu. Honorable mention to: Alexander Beecher, Nathaniel Kim, Adam Levinson, Phillip Rodenbough, Clarion Tung)
2012 Pegram Awards (Manasi Bhati, Adel Elsohly, John Hartung, Samuel Reznik, Audrey Ross, Daniel Treitler, Christine Vanos)
2012 Roche Excellence in Chemistry Award (Alexandria Brucks, Jeffrey Bandar)
2012 Rutgers Fellowship (Yue Hu)
2012 Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award (Jeffrey Bandar)
2012 Stanley Friedman Fellowship (Yu Zhong)
2012 Swiss Benevolent Society Fellowship (Daniel Wespe)
2012 Traube Fellowship (Timothy Su)
2011 BMS-Squibb Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Daniel Treitler, Carolyn Wei)
2011 Dow Chemical Fellowship (Emma Dell)
2010 Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award (Daniel Treitler)
2010 Roche Excellence in Chemistry Award (Daniel Treitler)
2009 BMS Fellowship (Ferenc Kontes)
2009 Hoffman-LaRoche Excellence in Chemistry Award (Mingji Dai)
2009 ACS Organic Division Fellowship (Judy Chen)


Faculty Awards
Bruce Berne
2009 Mulliken Medal
Ronald Breslow
2009 Inaugural ACS Fellow
Louis Brus
2012 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science
2011 Peter Debye Award
2009 Willard Gibbs Medal
2008 Kavli Prize
Virginia Cornish
2009 Irving Sigal Young Investigator Award
2009 Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry
George Flynn
2010 ACS E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy
Richard Friesner
2008 Election to AAAS Membership
Ruben Gonzalez
2010 Lenfest Distingushed Faculty Award
Laura Kaufman
2012 Lenfest Distingushed Faculty Award
Tristan Lambert
2011 Eli Lilly Grantee Award
2010 Sloan Research Fellowship
James Leighton
2009 Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching Excellence
Wei Min
2012 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award
2012 Blavatnik Award Finalist
Ann McDermott
2008 Esther Breslow Professorship in Biological Chemistry
Koji Nakanishi
2009 Inaugural ACS Fellow
Jack Norton
2013 Cope Scholar Award
Colin Nuckolls
2009 Lee Hendrik Baekeland Award
2008 Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award
Jonathan Owen
2011 DuPont Young Professor Grant
2011 DOE Early Career Research Grant
Gerard Parkin
2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Mentoring
2010 Chem. Soc. Rev. Award
2009 Inaugural ACS Fellow
2008 Columbia President’s Teaching Award
Dalibor Sames
2009 McKnight Foundation Technical Innovations in Neuroscience Award (with Professor David Sulzer, CU Department of Neuroscience)
Scott Snyder
2012 Cope Scholar Award
2011 DuPont Young Professor Grant
Gilbert Stork
2009 Inaugural ACS Fellow
Nicholas Turro
2011 Arthur C. Cope Award
2009 Inaugural ACS Fellow
James Valentini
2009 Selection as AAAS Fellow