The roster of chemistry department faculty has grown from 21 in 2009   to 25 currently.  In 2013 we will be searching for and hiring two additional faculty members.
In addition to new faculty members Wei Min and Luis Campos, who joined the department in 2010 and 2011, respectively, and Professor Xiaoyang Zhu who joined us in January 2013, the department also welcomed new faculty member Jonathan Owen in 2009 (see photo at the left.) The work of Professors Campos, Min, and Zhu are described elsewhere in this newsletter in connection with their labs in the new Northwest Corner Building.    An image obtained by the Min group using stimulated-emission microscopy is shown below.

ThumbnailThe Owen group currently occupies newly renovated lab space on the 5th floor of Havemeyer Extension.  Professor Owen joined the chemistry department following his postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley and graduate work at Caltech.  His research group, which currently consists of 13 grad students, post docs and undergraduates, is interested in the science related to optoelectronic devices fabricated from nanocrystals.  Among questions being investigated by his group are: By what mechanisms do ligands interact with the surface and interior lattice of a nanocrystal? What synthetic methods will allow control of nanocrystal surface structure during device fabrication?  And how can charge trapping be minimized or eliminated entirely.

In addition to Jon, the Owen group includes post doc’s Joshua Choi and Abe Wolcott; grad students Nick Anderson, Ava Kreider-Muller (joint with the Parkin group), Zak Norman, Mark Hendricks, Colin Cunningham, and Alexander Beecher; and undergraduates Aya Buckley, Rena Chen, Rebecca Siegelman, Long Tran, and Burt Vancura.  The Owen group currently occupies newly renovated lab space on the 5th floor of Havemeyer Extension. You can learn more about the activities of the Owen group on their group website.




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