ThumbnailSince our February newsletter, the chemistry department was honored with three named lectureships:


• The Brian Bent Lecture, given by Mostafa El-Sayed of Georgia Institute of Technology (photo, left), who presented “Nanotechnology Meets Biology in the Cancer Cell.”








• The Gilbert Stork Lecture, given by Erick Carreira of Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich (photo, left), who presented "Surprises and Discoveries with Natural Products of Human Origin."










ThumbnailThe Novartis lecture, given by Greg Verdine of Harvard University, who presented “Catalysis: The Enabling Science for Polymer Synthesis,” and Simon Bushnell of Novartis Corporation (photo, left) who presented “Identification of Broad Spectrum Antiviral Compounds and an Assessment of the Druggability of their Target for Efficacy against RSV.”





Named lectures, which are given by scientists who are leaders in their research fields, are supported by contributions from generous external funding sources. They complement the many seminars, lectures, colloquia, and other talks at which researchers have the opportunity to see and hear about the most current work underway in the chemistry community.


Alumni of the department are always welcome at our talks. You can keep up to date with our seminar calendar on the chemistry department website.