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Columbia University

Department of Chemistry

NMR Facility

208 Havemeyer Hall
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027

Welcome to the Departmental NMR facility in the Chemistry Department. The center consists of six Bruker NMR instruments, Avance III 300, DRX 300, Avance III 400, Avance III 400SL (for solids and liquids), Avance III 500, and Avance III 500 /w Ascend magnet and several computer workstations for processing data, including a server from which all NMR data can be easily downloaded to user's personal PCs.

While the center is mainly for the use of chemistry department members, the Columbia University community as well as other university and corporate and industry users are welcome.

The 400SL, funded by an NSF CRIF grant, is controllable from remote locations using either Iconnmr or standard Topspin software. Users from outside of the Columbia community are encouraged. Contact the NMR manager for detailed instructions on obtaining a password, training, and use.

All university users take their own spectra. 

For corporate and industrial clients, we offer a full range of NMR spectroscopy service options from routine 1D proton spectra aquistion and interpretation to complex 2D NMR analysis for small molecules.  The NMR staff performs the service analysis for corporate and industrial users.

All new users MUST have an introductory demonstration by one of the NMR staff. In addition to introductory demos, a series of more advanced demonstrations are offered. All common NMR experiments for the structural determination of small organic molecules are implemented.


Registered users may reserve NMR instrument time here.