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Departmental Instrumentation

Below is a summary of the six Departmental Bruker NMRs. Registered users may reserve NMR instrument time here.


Location in


Main Probe Observe Nuclei Special Capabilities 1H Sensitivity 13C Sensitivity Most Common Experiments Console type and software
500 Ascend



H/C/N 1H sample changer 1000 100



AVIII single bay

Topspin 3.5pl6

500 208 BBFOplus

1H, 19F,

2H, X

  650 290 13C, 19F, 2H, other X nuclei, HSQC NOESY HMBC, VT

AVIII single bay

Topspin 3.5pl6

400SL 208 TBO 1H, 19F, 2H, X Solids, sample changer, Remote Control Possible 275 200 13C, 19F, 2H, other X nuclei, 1H, COSY, HSQC, VT, Solids

AVIII single bay

Topspin 3.5pl6

400L 208 BBI 1H   400 100 Short 1H, COSY, NOESY

AVIII nano bay

Topspin 3.5pl6

300NB 119 BBFO 1H, 19F, X   200 100 walk-on 1H

AVIII nano bay

Topspin 3.5pl6

300WB 208 BBO 1H, 2H, X   125 100 13C, 2H, other X


Topspin 1.3

Variable-temperature range for all probes is -100 C to + 150C. All except the 300wb have Topshim gradient shimming and automatic tune and match (ATMA) of the probes.


1. X means any nuclei except 1H, 2H, and 19F.. Sensitivity numbers are for standard samples (0.1% ethylbenzene for 1H and 40%/60% dioxane/d6-benzene for 13C) using the primary probe.

2. BBI and HCN probes are 1H optimized. HSCQ & HMBC are 1H obesrve type experiments and thus 1H optimized probes are ideal for these experiments. BBFOplus is X optimized but still retains good 1H sensitivity. BBFO and BBO probes are X optimized with comprimized 1H sensitivity.

3. The 500 Ascend, 400L and 300nb can NOT do 2H observe. 2H is only possible on 500, 400SL, and 300wb. 19F is possible on 300NB, 400SL, and 500.

4. We have a site license for MestreNova software for NMR processing and a data server from which data may be downloaded. There are also several workstations for data processing running Topspin in the NMR labs.

5. The 400SL was funded by an NSF CRIF grant and is Cyber-enabled. The 400SL NMR is available for remote-control usage and outside users are encouraged. Contact John Decatur for detailed instructions. Iconnmr or standard Topspin software may be used for control.

6. The 300NB and 400L have short time blocks available. The other NMRs have longer time blocks. See the rules here.

7. All NMRs except 300WB have pulsed field gradients.

Other NMR Instruments in the Chemistry Department

in the group of Professor Ann McDermott:

Varian 300, 400, and 600, all dedicated to solid-state NMR