Demonstrations & Passwords

User Guides to Experiments


Demonstrations and Passwords

Introductory Demo for Bruker NMRs:

All new users must have an introductory demonstration by one of the NMR staff. This introductory Bruker demo is needed for access to the Bruker 300NB, 300WB, and 400L, 400SL and 500. Access to the 500 Ascend requires further training (see below).

An Linux account and password are required to use the Bruker instruments. After you have taken the intro. demo, follow this procedure:

1. On the 300wb NMR, sign up and practice. One of the NMR staff must be there to log you in. Sign-up for time when they are here (9:30 AM-6 PM).

2. When you have learned everything on the introductory handout, make arrangements with John Decatur to watch you take and process a spectrum and, if you pass, give you a password.

Carbon 13 demo

This is an optional demonstration that covers the following topics: tuning the probe, controlling the decoupler with different pulse programs, parameters to enhance quaternary carbons, and DEPT spectra. This is recommended for all NMR users. A sign-up sheet is posted in room 208 Havemeyer and demos are given when 4 to 5 people have signed-up.


This optional demo covers instructions for the 2D NOESY experiment and for the magnitude COSY experiment. A sign-up sheet is posted in room 208 Havemeyer and demos are given when 4 to 5 people have signed-up.

500 Ascend Password

People who desire to be 500 Ascend users must first attend the COSY and NOESY demo and reproduce the results of that demo. Training on the 500 Ascend is by arrangement.


Demos such as HSQC, HMBC, TOCSY, kinetics, water-suppression, variable-temperature, T1 measurement, magnetization transfer, etc..., are given on an as-needed basis.


User Guides to NMR Experiments using Bruker's Topspin

The following are step-by-step guides to NMR experiments on Bruker NMRs. These are customized for use here only at Columbia. There are in Adobe pdf format:

One Dimension Proton NMR + Data Server

COSY Spectra and Homonuclear Decoupling

NOESY Spectra

HSQC and HMBC Spectra

Carbon and Heteronuclear One Dimension Spectra

T1 Measurement

Kinetic Experiments

Variable Temperature Operation

Diffusion Experiments


User Guide to Mass Spec in 544 Havemeyer

SFC-MS User Guide