Prof. Dalibor Sames (click here for a brief bio)
Principal Investigator
Chandler 866
All current students' and postdocs' emails are followed by
Current Graduate Students
Tomas Fiala
4th year grad student
M.S. Masaryk University
Email: tf2373
Chandler 8th floor
Jihang Wang
4th year grad student
B.A. Cornell College
Email: jw3337
Chandler 8th floor
Srijita Bhowmik
3rd year grad student
M.S. Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur
Email: sb3890
Chandler 8th floor
Wei-Li Lee
2nd year grad student
M.S. National Taiwan University
Email: wl2630
Chandler 8th floor
Benjamin Bechand
2nd year grad student
M.S. University at Albany, SUNY
Email: bb2858
Chandler 8th floor
Current Post-Docs
Dr. Vaclav Havel
Ph.D. Masaryk University
Email: vh2282
Dr. Umed Boltaev
Ph.D. Sames group, Columbia University
Email: utb2102
Dr. Michael Cunningham
Ph.D. University of Mississippi
Email: mc4676
Current Research Associates
Dr. Andrew Kruegel
Ph.D. Sames group, Columbia University
Email: ack2137
Current Visiting Scholars
Christopher Hwu
M.S. Columbia University
Email: ch2953
Jennifer Hwu
M.A. Columbia University
Email: jh3181
Current Undergraduate Students
Brianna Alico
Class of 2020
Email: bna2109
Philip Raftopoulos
Class of 2022
Email: par2155
Maya Delgado
Class of 2022
Email: med2227
Recent Former Members
Current Information
Dr. Matt Dunn

Dominik Dreier

Dr. Peter Sebej

Dr. Juraj Galeta

Dr. Ekeoma Nwadibia

Dr. Madalee Gassaway

Elizaveta Kulko

Grad Student, UNC - Chapel Hill

Daniel Montes
Yekaterina Kovalyova

Grad Student, Yale University

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