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   Chandler Society

The Chandler Society for Undergraduate Chemistry is a club run by undergraduates for the purpose of promoting enjoyment and knowledge of science, and in particular chemistry.  As a club we do a variety of activities, from doing scientific demonstrations for young students, organizing informal and formal talks with professors, and to making liquid nitrogen ice cream for the student body during Glass House Rocks! 


Every spring we host the Grandpierre Lecture, where we choose and invite a speaker to come and talk about their research to the Chemistry Department.  We also have a Lunch with a Professor series, where we invite a professor to come and eat lunch with us as we informally ask him or her about their research, their career, life advice, etc.  Every year we try to expand our scope of activities, so we're always happy to have new members with fresh ideas and who are interested in science!



At our meetings, we plan and discuss our upcoming events, as well as current chemistry research, upcoming talks within the Department and in the New York area, and general news. We also answer questions about the chemistry major, classes, and doing research.  If you like chemistry and would like to get to know other people who share your interest, you should definitely come to our meetings!


Meetings: Wednesdays, 7:45pm, in 717 Havemeyer Hall (the 7th floor lounge)



Lunch with a Professor

The Chandler Society is proud to announce the continuation of our  "Lunch with a Professor" program. Fridays once a month students will be able to ask a Chemistry Professor questions related to the professor's path to academia, research, or chemistry in general over lunch. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in or unfamiliar with academia or research to gain a new perspective. This is also a great chance to speak with the world-renowned minds that direct our lectures in a more personal setting. Lunch begins at 12 pm in 717 Havemeyer Hall and will last approximately 45 minutes. Look out for an email announcing the lunches or you can always contact the Chandler Society directly.

Lunch with a Professor Schedule

717 Havemeyer at 12:00PM


Grandpierre Lecture

The Grandpierre Lecture is an annual lecture organized by the Chandler Society, where we invite a speaker to come to Columbia and give a talk about their work.  We choose speakers based on our interest in their research and on the strength of their contribution to undergraduate science education.  As part of the lecture we also organize opportunities to speak with the speaker, so it's a valuable and interesting chance to get a chance to know an eminent research scientist!  Past speakers have included Professor William Jorgensen from Yale University, Professor Moungi Bawendi from MIT, Professor Michael Hecht from Princeton University, among many others. 

Look out for details of our 2014 speaker.


Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to be added to our email list, email us at chandler.society@gmail.com.   The email list is updated on events and meetings, so if you can't make it on Wednesdays you can still be involved in our activities!