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    • To serve as a web-based center of information for policy-related activities and information
    • To consolidate resources for learning about policy so that students at Columbia can more easily take advantage of what the University has to offer:
      • expertise of faculty, researchers, and other students engaged in policy-relevant work across the University;
      • courses offered that introduce and critically explore substantive and methodological issues in the study of social policy.  
    • To increase access to  faculty, courses, and research with regard to policies that  affect children and families;
    • To present the impact of social policies on child and family well-being in a more visible and understandable manner;
    • To identify the most significant and seemingly intractable problems confronting society in the United States and other countries (both developed and developing) regarding children and their families;
    • To provide a new interdisciplinary model for training and research related to child and family policy;
    • To increase the cadre of policy scholars well-versed in trans-disciplinary and cross-national issues, methodologies, and modes of practice.

The overarching goal of the Institute is to stimulate and coordinate the cross-disciplinary work required to make progress on a variety of policy issues facing the United States, with a particular focus on child and family policy. The expectation is that this University-based and University-wide Institute will continue to enhance and strengthen relationships between students and scholars at the professional schools and social science departments, with an eye towards increasing dialogue and collaboration among the next generation of policy makers and policy researchers.

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