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The Clearinghouse in International Developments in Child, Youth, and Family Policy is a primarily web-based center, providing cross-national, comparative information about the policies, programs, benefits and services available in the advanced industrialized countries to address the needs of families and children. Coverage focuses on 23 advanced industrialized countries, with expansion to other countries and other parts of the world under way. The Clearinghouse is geared towards  U.S. and international users with interest in policy developments around the world  that have implications for children and their families. Initially, the Clearinghouse  concentrated on the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)  and  European Union (EC) -25 countries, and the United States. At present, the focus has expanded to include low- and middle-income developing countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, as well.  Children are defined as from birth to age 18, but special attention is paid to young children.

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