Workshop for Intellectual History

This working group meets monthly during the academic year. It has existed for some years but only acquired a web presence in fall 2016.

Please e-mail Alexander Arnold or Abram Kaplan for copies of papers listed below.

Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place at CIRHUS, 4 Washington Square North, Second Floor Dean’s Conference Room, at 3:00 p.m.


Spring 2017

April 24

Sophia Roosth (Harvard University),
"The Fluent Structure of Time: Microbial Colonies and Post-Colonial Economies in the Caribbean"

April 10

Sophia Rosenfeld (University of Pennsylvania),
"Revolutions and the Problem of Choice"

March 27

Sebastian Conrad (Freie Universitšt),
"Time Regimes in the 19th Century: Global History Perspectives"

March 20

Reviel Netz (Stanford University),
"Scale, Space, Canon: Parameters of Ancient Literary Practice"

Fall 2016

November 28

Carolyn Biltoft (The Graduate Institute, Geneva),
"International Organizations as Heterotopias: Story Fragments, Conflicted Modernities, and the League of Nations Archives"

November 21

Knox Peden (Australian National University),
"Truth and Consequences: Historical Interpretation and Political Judgment in Foucault and Althusser"

October 29

Nicholas Heron (University of Queensland),
"Homo Instrumentum Humanitatis: On Dante’s Political Theology According to Ernst Kantorowicz "

September 17

Jamie Martin (University of Sydney),
"The European Origins of U.S. Postwar Planning: European Integration, Public Works, and Development in the Late 1930s"