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Cake made by Jenny for the last meeting of the year.

Relay for Life

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March for Babies

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Hi, my name is Kelvin Chan, president of Columbia’s Circle K club. I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be the president of such an accomplished student organization. For over two years, I’ve witnessed the great and truly amazing things the club can accomplish when dedicated members come together under a commitment to service. The members we have this year are incredibly talented individuals, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

There is nothing quite like Circle K. While there is nothing more heartwarming than to see the numerous service organizations on campus, I do believe there is an intrinsic quality that distinguishes us from the rest—a quality that I’ve personally connected with years ago as a freshman. Of the clubs I’ve been a part of in the past, very few have measured up to the family-like feeling of Columbia Circle K. Our members may be diverse, but all bond together in our dedication to our surrounding community. We consistently encourage members to pursue causes they personally feel connected to and for us to support, and never have our members failed to deliver. Rather, there are often too many events, more than we could logistically handle on a weekly basis. But the challenge is nevertheless a rewarding one and never do we stop trying to realize our goals.

On that note, we have an incredibly busy schedule coming up, with events at least once a week. I’m extremely optimistic for both our near and distant future as a club as our presence on campus and within the community continue to increase. We are always welcoming of new members to help plan or attend our events. All we ask is that our potential members join with a passion for change and community betterment, and as a club, we will do everything we can to be that perfect avenue for community service. Thanks you.



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