The Symposium shall cover, but not limited to the following topics:
Geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining walls
Geosynthetic-reinforced soil slopes
Construction of reinforced embankments over soft soil
Geotextile tubes
Geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures for railways and highways
Properties of backfill soils, geosynthetics, and soil-geosynthetic interaction

Tentative Technical Program

1) Design
1-1:  Design principles
  Difference between designs for unreinforced and reinforced soil structures
Difference between designs for metal- and geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures

1-2: Mathematic aspect of limit equilibrium-based stability analysis

1-3: Material properties and design (backfill, geosynthetic reinforcement, facing and subsoil):
- Soil properties: design strength and strength from laboratory and field tests,
    Related issues: fill compaction and suction, and seismic load
- Reinforcement properties: design strength and strength by tensile tests,
     Related issues:  durability, pull-out strength, creep reduction and other correction factors

1-4: Structure of reinforced soil
- Drainage and other water related issues
- Reinforcement arrangement
- Facing structure:
     Roles of facing, facing rigidity, connection strength, stability for seismic load and wave action, foundation (roles for the stability of wall)
     Earth pressure (design values and measured values)

1-5: Relation to performance-based design
- Design based deformation and displacements (instantaneous, residual by static and traffic  loading and seismic loading .....)
    FEM analysis and others
- Analysis of ultimate failure (collapse), Issue of ductility, collapse by seismic load, wave action

1-6: Current design practice in different countries
   Common and different aspects (comparison)

2) Construction practice
2-1: Construction and maintenance
   Fill materials
   Fill compaction
   Seepage force and water action on the backfill and facing
2-2: Case histories
  Successful cases and failure cases (inappropriate design and construction, failure by earthquake, water effects, foundation failure ...)
  Applications of GRS soil technology, past, present and future (e.g., geocell-reinforced railways and highways, bridge abutments, tsunami barrier, ....)