2002 Burmister Lecture
Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Columbia University

Dynamic Flow Liquefaction in Geomaterials: Computational and Physical Modeling


Prof. Jean Prevost

Princeton University

December 4, 2002
2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Room 414 CEPSR
Columbia University


Questions: Hoe Ling (e-mail: Ling@civil.columbia.edu)

In this talk we will discuss the liquefaction of saturated granular soil deposits under seismic excitation and resulting ground failure, loss of bearing capacity, etc.... The coupled field equations which govern the phenomenon will be derived using mixtures theories, and solved numerically using finite element techniques. Validation of the numerical model will be discussed using physical experiments such as laboratory soil tests, shaking table tests and centrifuge tests. The inherent variability of soil properties will be modeled using stochastic methods, and we will demonstrate the importance of accounting for soil spatial variability in modeling liquefaction phenomena. The numerical results will demonstate the usefullness and power of the techniques used.