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8th International Workshop on Structural Control and Monitoring
May 29-30, 2020
Columbia University
New York, NY USA

Background and Overview

The 8th International Workshop on Structural Control (4IWSC) will be held May 29-30 at Columbia University in New York. The International Workshop on Structural Control and Monitoring, organized by the International Association on Structural Control and Monitoring (IASCM), is held every 4 years, and is staggered by two years from each of the World Conferences on Structural Control and Monitoring. The first workshop was held in 1993 in Honolulu, the second in 1996 in Hong Kong, the third in Paris in 2000, the 4th in New York, the 5th in Dalian (China), the 6th in Sydney (Australia), the 7th in Incheon (Korea). The workshops are typically smaller than the world conferences, and in fact, serve as a focused forum to chart new directions in the field.

Preliminary Program Notes

The 8IWSMC workshop date falls on the last day and the day after the ASCE EMI2020 Conference also being hosted at Columbia University.

Objectives for the 8IWSCM

First and foremost, a major effort will be made to create a true workshop atmosphere rather than simply another mini-conference with a series of presentations alone. The two-day schedule will include a block of ‘keynote’ lectures each day, which focus on major research trends and applications of structural control and structural monitoring technologies, and a particular focus will be given to new sensors and sensor networks, together with the integration of the sensed data for large-scale model-based simulation.
Because this is not a mini-conference but rather a true working workshop, there is no call for paper submission. There will, however, be an opportunity for researchers to present very brief (details to follow) summaries of work during the Working Group sessions.  Such presenters may also submit, at the time of the Workshop, an extended summary of their Working Group presentation.


Additional information to follow. At this time here are Columbia's preferred hotels.