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Journal of American HistoryVol. 93 Iss. 3 (2006)

Telling Stories: The Political Uses of Myth and History in the Cherokee and Creek Nations

Claudio Saunt

Claudio Saunt deftly recognizes the ways in which the Creek and Cherokee nations applied western notions of history and myth for their own political benefit. The result is an exploration of the meaning of history and myth as well as insights into the sophistication of American Indian agency.

Conventional Iconoclasm: The Cultural Work of the Nietzsche Image in Twentieth-Century America

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

While the author's work is certainly interesting and valuable, the lack of focus in this paper makes it appear rambling. Nonetheless, Ratner-Rosenhagen's spotlight on the American image of Nietzsche in America rather than his philosophy reveals an effective and important tactic in intellectual history.

Dorothea Lange: The Photographer as Agricultural Sociologist

Linda Gordon

In this excellent piece, Linda Gordon examines the work of Farm Security Administration photographer Dorothea Lange as well as her activist husband Paul Taylor. In doing so, Gordon exposes the nature of depression era agriculture and New Deal progressivism.


Ben Wright

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