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The Columbia Journal of American Studies
Print Issue 2006

Available at Labyrinth Books (NYC) and the Liberal Studies M.A. Office, 109A Low Memorial Library, Columbia University

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Table of Contents:

“Sh-Boom” and the Bomb: A Postwar Call and Response
James M. Salem

Garbage Can Music!: Rube Goldberg’s Three Careers
Matthew Axtell

Beer, Sweat, and ‘Cojones’: The Masculinization of Cooking and the FoodTV Network
Grace Russo Bullaro

Live Feed: Suffering in Public and the Motive for Culture
Ed Ingebretsen

Looking Through Eakins to See Hopper
Wallace Jackson

Folklore Matters: The Folklore Scholarship of Alan Dundes and the New American Studies
Perin Gürel

Special Section:

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: American Leisure Time Consuming NASCAR’s Rationalized Yet Reenchanted Spectacle
Jaime Noble Gassmann

Race to the Top: Marathon Participation, Leisure Credentials, and Meritocracy
Matt Delmont

Reforming the Sodom by the Sea: Coney Island, Prize-Fighting, and Class Stratification
Jason Heard

Nuclear Tourism and the Manhattan Project
Jenna Berger

Manzanar Revisited: Consuming a Dark Landscape
John Davenport

Columbia Corner

Struggling to Make Old Words New: Joseph Papp’s The Naked Hamlet and The New York Times
Allison Bailey

Norman Mailer and The Executioner’s Song: The Courtroom as a Literary Space
Erica Wolff

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