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Social TextVol. 24 Iss. 4 (2006)

The Spirit of Neoliberalism: From Racial Liberalism to Neoliberal Multiculturalism

Jodi Melamed

By examining the work of Gunnar Myrdal, W. E. B. Du Bois and multicultural invocations used by the Bush administration, Melamed examines how racial liberalism and now multiculturalism have been employed to legitimize global capitalism. While the theoretical framework is compelling, additional historical or contemporary examples of consequences would have been helpful in interpreting the stakes implied.

Risky Subjects: Insurance, Sexuality, and Capital

Geeta Patel

Patel investigates the mystification of insurance in India, while exploring the relationship between capital and sexuality. The article is at its best when it discusses the rhetoric of risk management employed by the insurance industry. The discussion of sexuality, however, is less developed and appears tangential to the major arguments discussed.

From Portbou to Palestine and Back

Walter Benjamin

In a beautiful, yet decidedly one-sided essay, Collins uses Walter Benjamin's death as an entry point into answering the question, what is Palestine? Throughout the essay, no clear thesis emerges with clear arguments, rather the reader embarks on an emotional and thoughtful journey through Benjamin's thought and the present situation in Palestine.

Flaws in the Flow: Roads and their Modernity in Pakistan

Naveeda Khan

Khan the roadway as a backdrop for analyzing the experience of those coping with the spread of modern forms of transportation and communication. The insightful description of Pakistanis as hopeful yet suspicious of modernity is indicative of trends around the globe.


Ben Wright

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