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December 16, 2015

"The Many Worlds of Yamaguchi Yoshiko"










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Columbia University Alumni Association of Korea (CUAAK)

CUAAK is dedicated to the networking and connecting of Korean alumni members of the Columbia University community. They provide benefits to alumni members, students, and familes.


CKR would like to thank the members of the CUAAK for their generous contributions. Recently, they completed the endowment drive to benefit the CKR.


Special acknowledgements to the following members:


Chull-young LeeBusiness
Kyu-mo YangBusiness
Chang-gurl Choi Business
Chang-young Choi SEAS
Chang-keun ChoiBusiness
Mong-joon ChungBusiness
Yongho Kim GSAS-PoliSci
Seung-hoon Lee GSAS-PoliSci
Won-hi Yoo GSPH
Chin-woo Choo GSAS-PoliSci
Chong-yang Kim Teachers College
Moon-hyun Cho Law
Se-hee Yoo GSAS-PoliSci
Hyung-teak Hong GSAS-PoliSci
Sung-hoon Kim Business
Jin-won Park GSAS-PoliSci
Ki-ho Lee GSAS-Engineering
Jae-ho Chung GSAS-Economics
In-joon Kim Business
Jeon-ggy Baek GSAS-Economics
Jung-hwun Kim Columbia College
Byung-kon Yoo SIPA
Park-cheol Hee GSAS-PoliSci
Soo-Heon Park GSAS-PoliSci
Song-pil Hur Business
William Jaewoo Shim GSAS-Engineering
Heung-soon Park GSAS-PoliSci
Chun-hee Yang GSAS-PoliSci
Dong-sun Park GSAS-PoliSci
Hahn-kyu Park GSAS-PoliSci
Sung-joon Kim GSAS-PoliSci
Dae-bo Byun GSAS-PoliSci
Woo-young Cho GSAS-PoliSci
Hyun-soo Yang GSAS-PoliSci
Jong-ki Kim GSAS-PoliSci
Jung Hyun Lee GSAS-PoliSci
Kyung-rim Shin Teachers College
Hyeon-wook Kim GSAS-Economics
Seung-yeon Lee SIPA
Hwa-joong Kim Teachers College
Sung-ho Kim Business
Ho-jin Kwon/Hee-jun Kim WEAI
Cheng-ju Kim SIPA