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December 16, 2015

"The Many Worlds of Yamaguchi Yoshiko"










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Current Fellows and Scholars

Boyun Choi
Professional Associate, September 1, 2015-August 31, 2016
Staff Writer, Chosun Ilbo 
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Armstrong
Contact Information:
Research Interest: Analysis of Cognition and Evaluation on the Leadership of the Korean President Park Geun-hye regarding reunification of the Korean Peninsula


Bong-Ki Jeon 
Professional Associate, September 1, 2015- August 31, 2016
Chief Health & Welfare Reporter, MBC News
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Armstrong
Contact Information:
Research Interest: The Influence of Kim Jong-Un's Leadership on North Korean Policies


Sunghoon Kim
Professional Associate, September 1, 2015- December 31, 2015 
Government Officer, Republic of Korea
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Armstrong 
Contact Information:
Research Interest: The Effect of the Relationship between North Korea and the U.S. on the Situation of Northeast Asia & The Role of the U.S. and South Korea's Counterplan for a Unified Korea


Nam Geun Kwon 
Professional Associate, August 1, 2015- July 31, 2016 
Team Leader, Investigative Reporting Team, The Herald Business 
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Armstrong
Contact Information:
Research Interest: The Current State of and Development Prospects for Data Journalism through the Intense Case Study of Media in Advanced Nations Including the U.S.


Jung-Shim LEE
September 2015 – September 2016
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Leiden University
Dr. Lee is conducting research on “Buddhist Writers in Colonial Korea:  Rethinking Korean Literature, Religion, and History during the Colonial Period, 1910 – 1945.”
Contact Information:
Institute Faculty Sponsor: Theodore Hughes


Hyun Ok PARK
September 2015 – September 2016
Associate Professor, York University
Professor Park is conducting research on “Interpreting the Present:  The Return of Universal Politics and World Historical Time in and beyond South Korea.”
Contact Information:                       
Institute Faculty Sponsor: Jungwon Kim


For further information, please contact Sarah Kirsch (212) 854-8193.