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Hyaeweol Choi
The Australian National University
October 16, 2014


Kim Chul,Yonsei University
October 20, 2014


Samuel Perry, Brown University
October 23, 2014


Gari Ledyard, Columbia University

October 30, 2014


Greg Scarlatoiu
The North Korean Human Rights Conundrum
November 6, 2014


Journal of Korean Studies Workshop

"Intermedial Aesthetics: Korean Literature, Film, Art"

November 14, 2014


Korea/Japan Music Symposium

November 21, 2014









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Job Placement Announcements for Recent Graduates

George Kallander, History (Assistant Professor, Syracuse University)
Charles Kim, History (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Jisoo Kim, History (Assistant Professor, George Washington University)
Se-Mi Oh, History (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Alyssa Park, History (Assistant Professor, University of Iowa)
Sunyoung Park, Literature (Associate Professor, University of Southern California)
Janet Poole, Literature (Associate Professor, University of Toronto)
Hwisang Cho, History (Assistant Professor, Xavier University)
Abraham Kim, Political Science (Vice-President, Korea Economic Institute)
Cheehyung Kim, History (Assistant Professor, University of Missouri)
Sun-chul Kim, Sociology (Assistant Professor, Emory University)


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