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December 16, 2015

"The Many Worlds of Yamaguchi Yoshiko"










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CKR Alumni News and Announcements

Recent Publications


CKR congratulates alumna Jisoo M. Kim for her book The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Chosŏn Korea, which will be published by University of Washington Press this fall.

Charles Kim


CKR congratulates alumnus Charles Kim for his book For a Bright Tomorrow: Culture and Protest in Cold War South Korea (Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute), which will soon be under contract at the University of Hawaii Press.

Kallander, George. Salvation through Dissent: Tonghak Heterodoxy and Early Modern Korea. Manoa: University of Hawai’i Press, 2013.

Park, Sunyoung. The Proletarian Wave: Literature and Leftist Culture in Colonial Korea (Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute), 1910-1945. Cambridge: Harvard University Asia Center, 2015.


Poole, Janet. When the Future Disappears: The Modernist Imagination in Late Colonial Korea (Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute). New York: Columbia University Press, 2014.




Sayaka Chatani, History (Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute)

Ksenia Chizhova, History and Literature (Assistant Professor, Princeton University)

Hwisang Cho, History (Assistant Professor, Xavier University)

Dajeong Chung, History (Visiting Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary)

Eleanor Hyun, Korean and Chinese Art, MA, Columbia; PhD Candidate, University of Chicago (Curator of Korean Art, British Museum)

George Kallander, History (Associate Professor, Syracuse University)

Abraham Kim, Political Science (Vice-President, Korea Economic Institute)
Charles Kim, History (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Cheehyung Kim, History (Assistant Professor, University of Missouri)
Jisoo Kim, History (Assistant Professor, George Washington University)

Sujung Kim, Religious Studies (Assistant Professor, DePauw University)

Sun-chul Kim, Sociology (Assistant Professor, Emory University)
Se-Mi Oh, History (Assistant Professor, University of Michigan)
Alyssa Park, History (Assistant Professor, University of Iowa)
Sunyoung Park, Literature (Associate Professor, University of Southern California)
Janet Poole, Literature (Associate Professor, University of Toronto)
Mi-Ryong Shim , Literature (Assistant Professor, Northwestern University)
Sixiang Wang, History (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania)

Christina Yi, Japanese and Korean Literature (Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia).


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