Annual Greek/Latin Play

For more information on the Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama Group, which puts on the annual play, and further information on the plays, click here.

2015 Greek Play: Ion

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2014 Greek Play: Coephoroi

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2013 Latin Play: Thyestes

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2012 Greek Play: Alcestis

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Pictures from 2011's Greek play Homer's Iliad Bk. 9

Pictures of Columbia University's production of Homer's Iliad Bk. 9, put on March 25-27.
NB: These pictures were taken during the rehearsals.


Achilles: Ridge Montes
Agamemnon: Mathias Hanses
Ajax: Colin Webster
Diomedes: Gavin McGown
Nestor: Katharina Volk
Odysseus: Stephen Blair
Patroclus: Jeremy Lily
Phoenix: Joe Sheppard

Narrators/Homer: Calloway Scott
Charley McNamara, Laura Walbroek, and Jenny Wasson.


Caleb Dance: Flute
Suzanne Davies: Violin
Colin Webster: Mandolin
Liam Webster: Bass


Costume: Kate Collison
Design Director: Jenny Wasson
Lighting: Gita Deo
Music Director: Colin Webster
Producer: Talia Varonos-Pavlopoulos
Projection: Stephen Blair
Tech: Sarah Kaczor

Director: Claire Catenaccio

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Pictures from 2009's Greek play Medea

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