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The Club Sports Governing Board and Club Sports Office strives to create a better experience for our athletes. We hope this new website will help us in that endeavor.

This site will provide the resources needed to effectively administer a club and should answer many questions club members may have. We will update this homepage regularly with important dates and deadlines, summaries of topics talked about during the monthly assembly meetings, and other important information.

If you have any suggestions about ways we could improve the website, please let us know. We are open to all suggestions about content, formatting, style, whatever.

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Assembly Minutes

First General Assembly Meeting Minutes 9/22/2009

Deadline to appeal your allocation is one week after receiving the allocation

This appeals form is on the Club Sports website.

Funding process

FACU is a combination of different governing boards like CC, SEAS, Barnard etc. They decide how much money we get in the beginning of the year. Graduate students are not part FACU and don’t contribute to this fund. Clubs should consider changing their dues policy taking this fact into account. For grad students, staff, or alumni, put the school that they work for and just put this year for the year when entering their name into the ledger

Club Sports website

All the different forms you might need throughout the year are located online. Anyone can print them out from the internet or send them in online. Email csgb@columbia.edu accomplishments from competitions to increase publicity


Waivers/Dues are due one month after first practice/meeting. Late waivers incur a $10 penalty for the club. If members join the club late-that is ok. The majority of waivers and dues should be in on time.

Runyon 5K charity event

Run for cancer-all proceeds go to cancer research. The event is held at Yankee Stadium on November 15

Brian stuff: Each club has a mailbox and should check it sometimes. Brian has a drop box at his office door.

Literally took like 13 minutes

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