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Jonathan A. Javitch attended Stanford University where he obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Biological Sciences in 1980. In 1986 he completed the joint M.D.-Ph.D. program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where as a graduate student with Dr. Solomon Snyder he demonstrated that a key step in the Parkinson’s-like neurotoxicity of MPTP is the uptake of its metabolite MPP+ by the dopamine transporter. After graduating from Hopkins, Dr. Javitch completed a medical internship and psychiatric residency at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He did postdoctoral work on the structure of dopamine receptors with Dr. Arthur Karlin at Columbia University. Dr. Javitch currently is a tenured Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology in the Center for Molecular Recognition at Columbia University. His laboratory focuses on understanding the structure and function of G-protein coupled receptors and neurotransmitter transporters, with a particular focus on dopamine receptors and transporter, the targets for antipsychotic drugs and cocaine, respectively.


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