CURFC Spring 2019 Tour

In the spring of 2019, CURFC is planning to re-vitalize its old tradition of touring Bermuda. Not only is the tour is a great opportunity to play some exciting matches against top-notch collegiate rugby programs, but it is also a great team building and cultural exercise. This tour will also immensely help us in our preparations for the Ivy League 7s tournament, which will be held just a few weeks later.

Almost all Ivy League rugby programs have been organizing spring international tours for the past few years. Due to limited funding, we have had to cancel ours. This year, we seek your support in helping subsidize the cost of sending our A and AA sides, a total of 28 players and 3 members of the coaching staff, to Bermuda. We anticipate the total cost to be about $20,000. If every member of our alumni and friends list were to donate $100, we would reach our goal in no time.

We are truly appreciative of all of our supporters, and would like to gift CURFC gear to all donors who can help us reach our goal of $20,000. More information can be found below.

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Testimonials from the Spring 2016 Trip

Going on tour to Bermuda three years ago was one of my favorite rugby experiences. We played against some great competition and watched some amazing games as well. Socially, it was a great opportunity for the team to bond and relax. The experiences we share are key to building a strong team culture and Bermuda was an amazing experience. - Jadrian Guy, CC 2019

We have a new core of student rugby players who are willing to do the heavy lifting of fund raising, winter training sessions and development of the team culture. This new core showed their might this past weekend after the 15’s season by taking 3rd in the providence Rhode Island 7’s. Our late success has been in 7’s and a Bermuda tour for spring break will help generate a tight knit team culture for our launching pad into the Ivy 7’s. - Daniel Kennedy, Head Coach

Gifts for friends and supporters of CURFC

Every single donor in our spring tour fundraiser will receive a had written note from the coaching staff and the executive board, and an ironable CURFC patch.