List of Donors

List of Columbia University Rugby Football Club donors

William Vincent Campbell

Paul Mander

Timothy Howard

David G. Appel

Tracey J. Appel

Eric L. Puleio

Stephen D. Amitay

Nicole Brown

Daniel Kennedy

Andrew Diego West

John J. Sidtis

Neil Jonathan Coffee

Kristen Coffee

Ikenna Patrick Ibe

Peter A. Hatch

Hilary R. Hatch, Ph.D.

John Doran

Eugene Y. Song

Brian Francis Xavier Murphy

Lewis Stanley Fischbein

Eileen Rodenhouse Bocci

Stuart Graham Dearnley

Keating Civil Process Training Inc.

Gerard F. Keating

Daniel Kelsh

Lawrence S. Bellone

Sarah Smith

Paul Michael Wallace

Macat International Limited

Dr. Lois Mailander

Dr. John T. Cole

Ian Matthew Hillman

Thomas Jesse Timberlake

Richard Brad Thompson, M.D.

Jennifer A.

Donations will help CURFC successfully function for the years to come. If you would like to make a donation, click the link below for instructions

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